Friday, September 28, 2007

west hartford cow parade 2007

2:00 am friday september 28th. (hey it was EARLY and RAINY. not my best work, but it's the thought that counts) if you click on the pictures, they'll enlarge

for more cows please see: the nutmeg grater

i have NO idea

what this is. i took some west hartford cow pictures this morning. i'm looking at them now but i found this:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

what is it?

that's right! it's a knitted digestive system!!!

(if you click the link, there is even ANOTHER link to get the pattern)

on this day in history

1919 Democratic National Committee votes to admit women
Suffrage Wins in Senate; Now Goes to States
Constitutional Amendment Is Passed, 56 to 25, or Two More Than Two-thirds
Women May Vote In 1920
Leaders Start Fight to Get Ratification by Three-fourths of States in Time
Debate Precedes Vote
Wadsworth Explains His Attitude In Opposition - Resolution Signed with Ceremony

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

now THIS is a boycott

African American Boycott of L.L. Bean Enters 80th Year

today's breakfast, lunch and snacks

apple my friend deb gave me yesterday, plum, nectarine

tofu salad (by the bridge but i doctor it up a bit. it's THE best tofu salad out there and i cannot duplicate it at home though i have tried long and hard) and sliced tomato

*wild mushroom and sun dried tomato risotto

vegan broth or vegan bouillon cubes
arborio rice
sun dried tomatoes
dried wild mushrooms
a bit of tomato sauce (1 1/2 to 2 cups)
2 Tbs of soy margarine (i personally think earth balance is THE best out there)
rinse mushrooms in some hot tap water. drain and rinse again and once more. then pour boiling water over them (in a bowl silly) and let sit 20 minutes give or take
this is a NEW way of cooking risotto. yes, the old way is good, this is BETTER

put three cups of stock or water and bouillon cubes in a large pot. add 1 1/2 cups arborio rice. bring to a boil. toss in 1/4 to 1/3 c. of sun dried tomatoes and the soaking mushrooms with their liquid. boil 10 minutes stirring constantly. put cover on pot, turn heat off and WALK AWAY. for NO REASON DO YOU OPEN THAT COVER PRIOR TO 30 MINUTES PASSING. after 30 minutes, toss in the margarine and warmed sauce, stir and enjoy. i especially love it re-heated the next day.

the bridge (wow, turns out it's a connecticut company so it may not be available nationally)


i planted a bunch of sunflowers this year. giant ones, small ones and ones in between. yellow ones, red ones, orange ones and ones in between. due to circumstances beyond this pirate's control (i planted them as i do every year at the half door), someone killed off ALL BUT ONE. it FINALLY bloomed about a week and a half ago. here she is!

if you are vegan

or even if you're NOT, run out and get the ultimate uncheese cookbook by jo stepaniak. i've not tried all of the recipes but from what i have tried, they ARE incredible. here's what i had for lunch and breakfast yesterday. my cauliflower curry had a bit of 'i can't believe it's not cheese sauce' on it. i had it room temperature and it was WONDERFUL

yesterday’s lunch and breakfast and snacks

soy yoghurt with almonds, dried cherries and other assorted dried fruit and a bit of flax seeds
cold (steamed) edamame with a bit of sea salt
*curried cauliflower with tofu, onions and peas topped with ‘i can’t believe it’s not cheese sauce’
*in a saute pan - saute in a little olive oil (or soy margarine or other oil of your choice) fresh or frozen cauliflower, defrosted and drained frozen tofu and sliced onion. stir occasionally and cook until nicely browned. add some frozen baby peas and cook for a minute more. clear a bit of space in the middle of the pan and add a tiny bit more oil, then add a bit of curry powder and other spices of your choosing. cook for one minute more. serve warm, cold or room temperature
p.s. please note, i'm recycling the plastic containers that 'stuff' comes in. of course if you have to heat something up (as in a microwave), DON'T do it in one of these.