Saturday, May 31, 2008

didn't even know there WAS an art center in guilford

Guildford Art Center in CT Now Accepting Applications for Craft Holiday Sale

............... The Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT is seeking artists in all fine craft media to apply to be included in Artistry, the Center’s 30th Annual Holiday Sale of Fine Craft and Art. The event will take place October 20 through December 31, 2008. Artists from the United States and Canada working in a wide variety of media are invited to apply, including those creating pottery, glass, wood, jewelry, metal, clothing, weaving, fine art, paper and book arts, and toys. Applications are available by contacting the Guilford Art Center at 203-453-5947, or by downloading the PDF application.............

(shout out to craftzine)

i've started my father's rock garden

i planted one for him last year as well. it WOULD have kept but my sister destroyed most of it (i think it was an accident). it is made with mostly succulents and i have a bunch of little animals in the midst of things. i want to add some solar lighting. non invasive. i think these will do JUST fine

home made sun jars from instructables

a receipe to make your own


Thursday, May 29, 2008

nothing could be MORE perfect for me

than a makeup brush carrier (yes, i'm addicted to makeup. NOPE i'm not the all natural grrrl next door type. i'm the linered doe eyed gaudy colored eye shawdowed lines everywhere type - yeah, i put amy winehouse to shame)

here's the tutorial
(by still dottie and a shout out to craftzine blog)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm obsessed with neck warmers

i make dozens of them. they're fast and easy and a GREAT gift. no bulk yet all the warmth of a scarf. i just came across this one by tarjanne mimosa neck warmer (there's also a pattern for a hat and fingerless mittens). this is one lovely neck warmer!


(shout out to dark roasted blend)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


patterns to make a pinhole camera from corbis (there are more patterns besides these two. cool, huh?)

(shout out to craftzine)

Monday, May 26, 2008

what's for dinner tonight?

why roasted tomatoes and cippoline from smitten kitchen

PERFECT for an early spring night. days are warm evenings are still a bit cool

instead of a pin

i think i'd like to make a scarf or wrap out of these. sure, it would take a TON of time, but it WOULD be lovely

from cathie filian (i love cathie and steve on creative juice)

singed silk flowers

i happened across this

and found it quite interesting. while i've had grappa (and am italian), i've never heard of a

..........Then she asked if I was familiar with grappa. When I said yes, she replied, “Then you might find this interesting,” and produced a very oddly shaped, covered wooden bowl with several spouts around the outside. “It’s called a grolla,” she said. “They’re made in the part of Italy where I grew up. You pour in a mixture of coffee and grappa, pass it around, and everyone drinks from a different spout. It’s a sort of friendship ritual.” It conjured up an image of communion, but with coffee—an odd juxtaposition that somehow really worked for me.

Holy Grolla
As I began reading about the grolla, I discovered that communion was a very apt association. The word “grolla” is related etymologically to “grail,” and is believed to have been inspired by the Holy Grail itself (at least, by people who still believe the Grail was really a grail). Indeed, sometimes wine is used in a grolla, and its early origins were religious in nature. It was only more recently that the grolla ritual became secularized (and caffeinated)...........

pictures: fiery grolla,

Friday, May 23, 2008

here's a great article (with tons o' links)

from crafting in a green world

How Safe and Green Are Your Crafting Supplies? (Part 1)

Written by Skye Kilaen
In Autumn’s post The Eco-Crafters List of Demands, she asked crafters for their thoughts on how to make commerically sold craft supplies more friendly to the planet and the people who live on it. One question she asked particularly stood out to me:

What items have such scary warning labels that you are asking yourself, “Is this project worth giving myself brain damage over?”

One of the products that immediately came to my mind was fusible web. Fusible web is a synthetic fiber that melts when you heat it. Brand names for these products include Steam-A-Seam, Stitch Witchery, and others. If you’re not familiar with it, think of it as thin sheets of fabric infused with glue. If you need two pieces of fabric to stick together, or you’re working with a fabric that needs a little extra support to either stand up or hold still, then you may end up using your iron to attach some fusible web to your project. You’ll often find fusible web in applique, t-shirt quilts, and used as interfacing in clothing...........

while we're doing lamps

this IS my speed (the more colorful something is the more i like it. i'm not a little white light kind o' grrrl. i'm a guerrilla all different colors and all different shapes and all different sizes of lights kinda grrrl)

a diy circus lamp from sonya style


hmmmmmmmmmmm. where am i going to find the time?
sculptural pendant lamp tutorial from design sponge

i like 'em a lot!

(as usual a big shout out to craftzine)

Monday, May 19, 2008

here's a link

to a pretty little lace scarf from vicki howell's blog. the pattern is by melinda morrow. hurry now because on 5/27, it won't be FREE any more!

also from vicki's blog:

i love the tree of life knitting pattern. i've never acutally knit one, but i still love how they look. here's a lion brand knit along
and here's the pattern

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i was going to do a review of this ANYWAY

i bought the book a couple of weeks ago (i really WAS waiting patiently for it to come out). it's more than i even anticipated.
i love all of the patterns (the armwarmers and the barn raising quilt are my second and third favorites)

i fell in love with her meathead hat pattern (my first favorite) as soon as i saw it on her blog.

run and i do mean RUN out and get this book. the essays and commentary and pictures are all so very lovely.


Knitalong Author Larissa Brown in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, May 31 (too bad i'm 3,500 miles away!)

meat head hat blog posting from larissa

this little piggy

is a wallet!

a how-to from nosey nest

(shout out to craftzine)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

great idea!

necklaces out of a bamboo tile placemat! from deborah dee
how clever is that?
(shout out to craftzine)

a shout out to

sit-n-knit in BLOOMFIELD (don't forget they moved from west hartford center to bloomfield. they still have their store in wethersfield as well). i made a boo boo in the traditional danish shawl i'm making. they fixed it for me.

sneak peak:

picture: lust auf farben (check out her site for more traditonal shawls and to buy a pattern). the other picture is the beginning stages of MY shawl (i am farther along that that mind you)

how to

a tutorial on how to make these wicked cool save the whale - embroidered whale buttons!!!

from oh fransson (and a shout out to craftzine)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i especially LOVE the trivet

i was inspired by

november moon. her pot is beyond the pale. mine is well, it's mine.

her pot is the one with the newspaper and fresh moss. mine is with the succulents.
i used an old plastic bowl. i punched a few holes in the bottom. i used magazine pages with green on them and decoupaged the bowl. i then knitted a little rim (out of yarn i hand spun i must say!!!) and glued that on. i put a few little stones in the bottom of my bowl and some dirt. i planted the succulents and put a bit of sphagnum on the top as well.