Saturday, January 31, 2009

make one for YOUR driveway!

Linoleum Asphalt Mosaics - CRAFT Video Podcast from make magazine on Vimeo.


‘Organic’ robots to mimic primitive life

A University of Tokyo research team led by professor/computer graphic artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi is developing robots designed to imitate primitive life forms. Mockups have been put on display at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, and working versions of the robots are scheduled for completion in two years.

According to the researchers, these robots are being developed as a way to explore artificial life and gain insights into how living things survive in a world governed by the law of the jungle.........

pictures from pink tentacle

Friday, January 30, 2009

i begged y'all to come breed with me


i am known as 'rose bush' so look for me
or breed with me on facebook (same handle)
and i'm still begging you. i DID reach my goal state. i got assigned a NEW goal state now though. some COME BREED WITH ME

via the routes game
here's some info from the site (see it's NOT about sex at all, it's about genetics and dna and the like)
Katherine Ryan: who she? She's an award winning comedian. If only she had some kind of, y'know, website. Hang on a minute................

want to grow your own?

shiitakes that is

i LOVE mushrooms and have them several times a week. baby bellas are my favorites but i do love me some shiitakes as well. i think i'm going to try this. not too much to it (except for the initial log set up). wonder if it would work with the baby bellas?????? hmmmmmmmm

well chelseagreen shows us how

by jsmcdougall

(picture from teh chelseagreen website)

ht: makezine

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am always inspired by

this is MY covered stone (nothing like hers. i couldn't do one of hers try though i might. SO, i just didn't try to do hers. i did MINE. i was locked away inside all day today. i worked from home due to the inclement weather. during my lunch break i picked up a river stone i had, a crochet hook and some noro that was laying about

look at what knitty brings us

just in time for valentine's day

could this be any more spot on?

it's perfect. it's brilliant. it's wicked funny as well

the i'm a hellraiser when i sew pincushion

photo and pincushion by: silverhart

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the knit kit

this is just the OUTSIDE picture (yes, it opens)

it's available march 2009 i want one

get one here

and according to the website, it's airline approved

(ht: craftzine)

i'm so going to make these

How to Make Dangly Earrings with Magazine Pages

kayte terry, contributor
but NOT earrings (i don't change mine. they're just in there for GOOD). i think a necklace for even a bracelet would be kick ass

AND you get to recycle too

(pic by kayte terry,)

Monday, January 26, 2009

you know i'd really LOVE to have a cup of coffee

or tea with jeffery rudell

his ideas and work are inspiring (and wonderful)
(picture from the site linked below)

even something as simple as THIS:

How to "Waste" Paper
Jeffery Rudell, contributor

Friday, January 23, 2009

please come breed with me

via routes game
discover the secrets in YOUR genes
(and i'm telling you breeding is addicting)

my breeder is at the bottom of this web page OR you can befriend me on facebook (i'm actually trying to get MORE friends than stink bomb who is a stuffed animal i might add) where i am known as rose bush (yes, i am)

found via wonderland

here's the press release

Routes is an eight week cross-platform game that debuts online from Channel 4 Education. Routes, produced in partnership with the Wellcome Trust, takes players on an immersive journey into the world of genetics, evolution and the human genome, in a bid to find out what makes us human.

Embedded in the game, award-winning comedian Katherine Ryan explores her own genetic make-up, and tests her DNA to find out whether it is her genes or her environment that define who she is. Can genes make you fat? Do they hide critical information about disease? Can Katherine blame her genetic make-up for the fact that she gets drunk on two beers?

As players delve deeper they are forced to explore these questions by solving puzzles, playing mini games, trading tips and collaborating on challenges, and as the broader game unravels the players will uncover a compelling mystery that lies at the heart of Routes itself. Who owns your genes? What are the pros and cons of exploring your genetic make-up? Do your genes determine who you are, or does our environment play a greater role?

The Routes website goes live in January 2009 at

if you dash over to

zakka life (where the picture came from as well) you'll find out how to make this heart shaped pom pom (just in time for you know what!)


from the art shanty projects 2009 via makezine

how cool are these? (cool, so to speak)

....................The Art Shanty Projects is an artist community and exhibition that forms each winter on the frozen surface of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota. My friend Mike Haeg entered his dICEHOUSES project this year—5 gigantic dice icehouses, each outfitted with a cozy table and a pack of playing cards.......................

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ohhhhhh domino. roll me over romeo - gotta make me one!

and i actually have the SAME dominoes in my car trunk (don't ask)

from instructables a

dominoes table

pictures and instructable by:

(and my favorite in the whole wide world..........................)

i LOVE this idea!

from the etsy shop of garden party
i eat on the go almost every day. even at work i'm using plastic cutlery. how wasteful! THIS is perfect and it doesn't hurt that it's cute as well as being green!

it's an awful lot of stuff for the price. plus these would make INCREDIBLE gifts.

this is the etsy description:
this cutie is made of fused plastic shopping bags from NYC delis. inside are pockets holding bamboo fork/knife/spoon & chop stix. also comes with a bandana for use as a napkin.

tuck it in your bag & impress your coworkers with your thriftiness.

or buy them in multiples for a picnic party!

an awesome way to get yer green on!

(found via whip up)
oh and here's her blog too garden party nyc diy (i checked it out, NICE stuff and great ideas)

picture from the etsy site of garden party

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i don't know the site name

because i don't speak russian. i got a comment from anastasia and nina who make clothing with dog hair (they left a comment on a previous posting i did on knitting with dog hair)

it is beyond lovely! their work is stunning (and so are they. i'm assuming the light haired woman and the dark haired woman in the photographs are nina and anastasia).

do stop by their site. even if you don't read russian you certainly can enjoy their lovely work

(photos from their website)

recycle recycle recycle

but at the same time, MAKE JEWELRY!
diane gilleland shows us how to recycle magazines into jewelry (from">craftstylish)

Photo: Diane Gilleland

taimane gardner

...........Here's Taimane Gardner (she's been playing the ukulele since she was five) warming up for a show by playing "Eleanor Rigby."...........

found via boing boing

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my new phone

and the little case i knit and felted for it

i used malabrigo and misti alpaca (both chunky) and BIG needles (i think 17 us, but not sure). for the pockets i used malagrigo but not chunky and much smaller needles. for the blue crocheted outline (yes, i know i did a HORRIBLE job there but hey, i made this for ME plus as you can see from some of the photos, a beverage or two may have been involved) i just used some yarn (wool) i had laying about. when i was done, i just threw it in a pillowcase and washed it with a few socks and 'unmentionables' on HOT. i let it go through the FULL cycle too

palm centro

malabrigo chunky
misti alpaca chunky

since i don't wear leather

i have to find another material to make these out of
viking shoes!!! (WICKED COOL HUH)

from earth and living (found via whip up ) picture from earth and living