Monday, June 30, 2008

vickie howell shows us how to

make a cool little crochet bangle. she used sari silk (some of which i have although mine is more reds purples). nothing to stop me! simple, quick and a cover up for some ugly cheap plastic bangles (i 'spose you could use wood)

here's how to do it!

(oh and as an aside, someone i know met vickie at a book signing or yarn seminar or something or other and said vickie was A DEAR! well i'm certainly NOT surprised about that. it comes across. you can tell she's just one genuinely nice babe)

yup MORE wall decorations!

this time a a hand cut felt mural
found on design sponge (via craftzine)

i like the felt mural a great deal but what i REALLY love is that bowl.

Friday, June 27, 2008

ok i have some FRESH pineapple

i'll cut it into chunks and freeze it. i have bananas and coconut milk. i'm WELL on my way to making this ridiculously easy pineapple sorbet (with my own mods of course). i think some pistachios would be a nice addition too, don't you? (AFTER the blending that is)

oh YUM

there's just something about strawberry AND rhubarb together. tart, sweet, gooey. like i said, YUM
and the urban housewife shows us how to make it into VEGAN cobbler! YUM (and she's got a KICK ASS BLOG in general)
(via craftzine)

from creature comforts

look at how lovely these paper flowers are. gorgeous!
based on a design from dozi
(via whip up)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

ok i finished the necklace i was making

with the focal bead i made out of resin. although it is incredibly FAR FROM PERFECT, for my first attempt at something like this, it's passable (well, a little pass that is).

i went to lucinda's beads in windsor. i asked how i could finish the necklace off. they suggested crimp beads and a lobster claw clasp. well, that's what i did! it DOES look better than when all the wires were hanging out (see a few postings ago for the UNfinished pics)

(by the way, i like lucinda's a great deal. they're friendly, helpful and it's a cool little store. PLUS you may get visited by a cat and/or a dog if you're lucky!!!)

i'm going to try this

of course i'll try it (as in the tutorial) on an old pillowcase. i'm not very good at following directions like this (ones that are logical that is) so wish me luck!
how to make a

'no-join' method of cutting fabric strips

from laughing purple goldfish designs via whip up

i've said it before

and i'll say it again - i'm NOT one for the little white lights decorating style. the MORE color (and shapes) the mo' better i like it. this
led light circuit table is grand!

Monday, June 23, 2008

a necklace i'm making

i still have to finish it off. i'm going to put two larger beads on the ends and thread back the wires through the beads. i'll leave a loop on each end and put some sort of clasp on it. i don't have the beads or the clasp yet. i'll be on a search for them

the focal bead is one of the resin ones i made. the other beads are glass that i got here and there. the wires are just craft wire. soft and quite bendable. i just braided the three strands on each side of the focal bead

this is an unusual how-to

DIY - Save a Wet Cell Phone using Rice

(shout out to dark roasted blend)

make a necklace out of an aluminum can

and look at how lovely it CAN be (arizona green tea can )
and here is how to do it!

from the (new new) york etsy street team