Friday, April 30, 2010

i am a HUGE fan of succulents


i've posted pictures here before of some i have (i only have a handful). they winter well. yes, outside. i don't even have to cover them. well i came across this via craftzine

Vertical Garden at Sunset Magazine Cottage

all pics from flora's blog posting linked above

please click the link and check ALL the pictures out. they are incredible

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

i'm not a fan of these kinds of dolls

(you know the barbi kinds. i AM a fan of unusual dolls and folk dolls all all sorts of other dolls though) but i LOVE this picture
From NSNBC (Majid Saeedi / Getty Images)


Strangest Photo of the Week

I saw this photo on MSNBC. The caption was:

Afghan women learn how to make a doll at an April 15 workshop in Kandahar sponsored by a Malaysian nongovernmental organization called Mercy. Some 80 women participate in every workshop despite rising tensions in the city between the Taliban and NATO troops.

yoonie at home has a comprehensive posting

on iris folding. she uses bias tape. man, how BEAUTIFUL and deceptively easy at that. i had seen iris folded items before but never knew how it was done. wow!

including this youtube video she found

pics from yoonie at home

here's a link to yoonie's studio shoppe. check it out, she has LOTS of FUN items!


my new kicks!

i just put some eyelets around the top and i crocheted a little edging (i tried to knit but it didn't work well with the curve and all. even with circulars)

yarn is berroco lumina in fairy dust. (note, in the top pic i had not woven in the ends yet. hence the long hangy piece)

my new ink


as you may or may not know, when i got my knitting fairy tattoo, her shoes just would NOT heal. i eventually went to the doctor and he ended up having to make her shoe-less (check out her feet in the top picture). the fact i had just been tattooed was coincidental. it had NOTHING to do with the skin cancer. so it's been about a year and i got the go ahead from my doc to get her touched up. i made an appointment with pat macdonald (who did the original knitting fairy) and i told him i'd also like some stars around my lower arm (eventually the arm will be a sleeve). i'm not linking to pat's shop because he's going to a new one on may 5th. i believe he said he's going to west springfield (i know he said it's by the big e fairgrounds). when i get his new info, i'll post it.'s my NEW arm (and yeah, the knitting fairy as you can see if you look closely, is still shoeless. pat won't do it for at least another year. he said the skin had to heal even more. the ink would just spread around too much now and it would be a hot mess. so, i will just have to wait.)

i'm so very happy. i LOVE my pentagram. i love my stars, they're all different and i love my moon. thanks pat!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


bokja volkswagen beetle in vintage fabrics
side view
image © designboom

bokja design (hoda baroudi and maria hibri) has created the 'bojka bug', in which they have
taken an iconic volkwagen beetle and covered it entirely in a patchwork of handmade vintage fabrics
from the middle east, tapestries and car stickers. ................


Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh my goddess, this is amazing!

Sew Color What

Designer: Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller
pic from the link above

Sew all your colors, matched! The genius, as in most my favorite things, is in the simplicity of it all. This sewing machine right here is made for everyone, but fits right in with those who wish to enter the craft of attaching clothing to itself with thread. New sewers! This is for you. But for you perfectionists, you might want your paws to seek. Electromagnetic need drive. Filigree upper arm design. Openness. The workspace is wide open. Backlit work area, with the stitch pattern projected on to the fabric it’s about to be sewn onto. PLUS!

And a BET you wonder what the ink is for.

What’s that ink for? That’s crazy bringing ink that close to a bunch of fabric! No way man, just be careful. But wait what’s it for? It’s for the thread. It’s a yarn printer. You match up the color you need at the top, and this baby prints the ink as you go. And with a pneumatic JetAir-system handling your threading, you’ll be jamming out the thread quick and nice as a whip.

This project is called “Leitfaden” and I want one...............


pic from the link

Zipper Tape Necklace - CraftStylish

Zipper Tape Necklace - CraftStylish

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i LIKE #3 the dolls. don't think they're ugly at all

well i actually LIKE most of 'em

the 10 ugliest pieces of recycled art you'll have to click to see it
Written by Kelly Rand
Number 9

Staying with outdoor recycled art, here’s an unidentified sculpture at Cismigiu Park in Bucharest.

pic: via travelblog



i don't have a picture

you need permission and i'm just too lazy to ask.......

but trust me on this one. these are STUNNING (and right up my alley)

as it turns out, they have a flickr set of the sea urchins (licensed under creative commons, so i CAN let you see 'em!
from evil mad scientist

Quick project: LED-lit sea urchins

from the flickr set of oskay

Friday, April 16, 2010

from how about orange

recycled magazine coasters i love the look!

i'll bet you can make them more permanent with some sort of coating.

pic from the tutorial

Monday, April 12, 2010

if only i had the time................(AND the talent)

got this via inspire co. really DO stop by and check out her blog. you will NOT be sorry

(and here's a link to the etsy shop of inspireco)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my friend brian left to hike appalachian trail

i'm not talking for a couple of days. i'm not talking a week or even a month. he's gone for five or six months. this is SERIOUS. he's done it before, but not the WHOLE trail. i think he's done a two month trek before.

well, brian was a manager at the half door. i frequent the joint. hey, what can i say? i bring my knitting with me EVERYWHERE. so when i go for brunch on the weekends, i'd knit, talk and hang out. i wanted to knit brian something light, quick and something he could use for the beginning part of his journey, when it was warmer in the day but still chilly at night and early morning. i decided on a neck warmer and some fingerless mitts. i knit the mitts in front of him, he not knowing they were going to be his. he asked me what they were going to be and i told him. he then went on to tell me how STUPID and ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC fingerless gloves were. he's NEVER wear them or have a use for them. instead of being hurt, i looked forward to giving them to him. i wanted HIM to be mortified.

well i finished them AND i gave them to brian. my work is DONE!!! (and brian left two weeks ago and started in georgia. don't know if he's still there or not)

i don't mind sharing my patterns. i did write this one down (you know seeing as i had to make TWO of them and all. i wanted them to at least be similar). the bad news is i wrote the pattern down on a bar napkin which has since either been thrown out or has disintegrated.

i started with the contrasting color and knit three rows in k1, p1 ribbing. i then k1 cc, and p1 main color for about 9 rows (i'm just guessing from here on out). i then switched to knit in mc up until the thumb. i increased a few stitches somewhere before that and placed about 8 stitches on a holder (for the thumb). i k a couple more rows in mc then switched to cc for a row or 2 of purl, then bound off in purl. i then went back and finished off the thumb. couple rows of mc, then switched to cc and purled then bound off in purl

it's merino wool (sport weight i think) but of course i don't remember WHAT brand it is. it's wicked soft though.

this posting from art bead scene blog

is a couple of years old, but i just came across it. a bunch of FREE
art bead scene projects

i really really love the the charmed scarf pins

pic: from the abs blog, charmed scarf pins diy linked above

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

this is pretty cool

flat surgery
by Vanessa (mini-v) Vegter

Flat Surgery is a collection of anatomical rugs by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur commissioned by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London...............

a pretty darn cool

mosaic heart tutorial (in english AND spanish by the way)

it's on the esetsy blog which is a group of etsy artists who all have spanish in common

pic is from the tutorial by lunahoo


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

because i'm a felt-a-holic

dry, wet. in the washing machine, in a bowl by hand, with needles dry.....

i just made a pretty cool chapeau called 'lock nest' (pattern by teri barr) and it's from the special issue (2009) of interweave knits accessories. cascade 220 yarn was recommended but i used malabrigo (which i dearly love. cascade is cool too and i had some on hand in black, but i wanted the muted colors of the malabrigo). oh when i say JUST made, i JUST finished knitting it yesterday and i JUST took it out of the washing machine about 1/2 hour ago. i am going to felt it a tiny bit more by hand. the top didn't felt as well as the bottom (the purple was another yarn i had on hand, but i don't know what it was)

purple hat pic from interweave knits

purple/green/blue hat pic from moi