Sunday, April 11, 2010

my friend brian left to hike appalachian trail

i'm not talking for a couple of days. i'm not talking a week or even a month. he's gone for five or six months. this is SERIOUS. he's done it before, but not the WHOLE trail. i think he's done a two month trek before.

well, brian was a manager at the half door. i frequent the joint. hey, what can i say? i bring my knitting with me EVERYWHERE. so when i go for brunch on the weekends, i'd knit, talk and hang out. i wanted to knit brian something light, quick and something he could use for the beginning part of his journey, when it was warmer in the day but still chilly at night and early morning. i decided on a neck warmer and some fingerless mitts. i knit the mitts in front of him, he not knowing they were going to be his. he asked me what they were going to be and i told him. he then went on to tell me how STUPID and ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC fingerless gloves were. he's NEVER wear them or have a use for them. instead of being hurt, i looked forward to giving them to him. i wanted HIM to be mortified.

well i finished them AND i gave them to brian. my work is DONE!!! (and brian left two weeks ago and started in georgia. don't know if he's still there or not)

i don't mind sharing my patterns. i did write this one down (you know seeing as i had to make TWO of them and all. i wanted them to at least be similar). the bad news is i wrote the pattern down on a bar napkin which has since either been thrown out or has disintegrated.

i started with the contrasting color and knit three rows in k1, p1 ribbing. i then k1 cc, and p1 main color for about 9 rows (i'm just guessing from here on out). i then switched to knit in mc up until the thumb. i increased a few stitches somewhere before that and placed about 8 stitches on a holder (for the thumb). i k a couple more rows in mc then switched to cc for a row or 2 of purl, then bound off in purl. i then went back and finished off the thumb. couple rows of mc, then switched to cc and purled then bound off in purl

it's merino wool (sport weight i think) but of course i don't remember WHAT brand it is. it's wicked soft though.

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