Saturday, June 27, 2009

paranoid's breakfast


a felted cellphone credit card bag

i made
knit all in garter stitch. i put dimensions out there (approximate. i lost the paper i wrote them down on prior to felting it) but really, it's NOT important. neither is gauge. if you want it to felt, you MUST use 100% wool (NOT superwash either). i used brown sheep. i had a bunch of odds and ends left and a project like this is a PERFECT project for leftovers (i used a couple other hunks o' yarn that i couldn't identify but knew were wool). i used size 11 needles but again, use what you want or what you have. as you can see there are two pockets. one on the outside that is covered by the flap (which buttons) and one on the inside. i crocheted the bag together and crocheted a border around the pockets and the flap as well. a buttonhole was made in the flap. i made an i-cord strap using three strands of yarn and 3 stitches. if you click on the dimensions picture you'll get a larger view - just in case you want to see my measurements.

the finished measurements are; approximately 9x7"
red pocket 5"
white pocket 5.5"

when you're done with the bag, place in pillowcase and wash in warm to hot water with a bit of detergent. i let it go through an entire cycle. then block

it's not perfect but that's a true sign of something being made by me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

paper taco trucks

for you to print out and fold! i could go for a vegan taco right about now (i LOVE mexican food and believe it or not, it's very easily adapted to veganism. well, i love almost ALL foods and i can come mighty close to veganizing almost any dish)
here they are!!!
by goopymart


simple but cool

fabric scrap necklace
by jenny ryan (pic from her tutorial as well)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

everyone immediately MUST march on over to

subversive cross stitch and order this
play 'em off keyboard cat pattern!

pic from subversive cross stitch

(by the way ALL of the patterns you can find there are rather kick-ass)

blog of the week:

and it's a GRAND one!!!!

historically inaccurate (richard saja)
there's embroidery (or is that MANbroidery???), there's art, there's humor, there are braille cushions and a bit of a twisted mind (as i see it)

i'm sooooooooooooo smiling

pictures from historically inaccurate

(found via sublime stitching)

Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm always looking for summer scarves

they're harder to find than one might think. i sit under a blower at work and on top of that i have a chronic neck thingy (that air blowing on doesn't help). sooooooooooooooooo i'm all over this project!

summer braid scarf (from pickles where the pic is from as well)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

i thought i published this tee shirt to necklace tutorial

before, but i can't find it. so here are two DIFFERENT tees to necklace tuts!

from t-shirt to fringed necklace (from love maegan picture from there as well)

check out her blog. she has a TON o' wonderful diy stuff

and this instructable recycled t-shirt necklace from cucumbersome (pic from there as well)

and the grey t necklace is the one i made. i dotted with a bit of black and purple fabric paint (used a little sponge brush). i dotted AFTER i stretched the bands. oh and be sure to use a t-shirt with NO seams

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a polymer clay button tutorial!

(via whip up)

i actually HAVE this origami paper

yes the very same

so let's make an origami picture frame (from dollar store crafts pic from there as well)
good for a family crafting day too. easy enough for the young 'uns

i sure don't have the patience (or talent)

but if YOU do, then i'd head right on over to evil mad scientist laboratories and make the



George W. Hart is a professor at Stony Brook and is one of our favorite artists, making a wide variety of stunning geometric sculptures. On his of his many works that has particularly captivated us for some time is a sculpture called Frabjous.

When we realized that George had posted a template for this sculpture we dropped everything, grabbed the cardboard and hot glue, and raced to build our own...........

pic from emsl site - Contributed by: Windell

a quick easy double weave basket

(well you use an already woven basket to begin with)
by Tina Hilton, contributor at craftstylish

here's how to create the easy double weave spring vase

Photo: Tina Hilton

(p.s. i actually wove ONE basket in my lifetime. years and years ago. it was a garlic basket and it didn't come out that badly)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blog of the day:

and it's a damn good 'un too

confessions of a crafter rude, crude & tattooed (i know i know i know, sounds like moi, but in THIS case it's not)

here's ONE thing she's done. it's part of the christian bale rant. how cool is this? oh my my my


she has an etsy shop as well rachel mckay presents naughty needles

pic from ms mckay's website

you're gonna wish you were klingon

so you could have these wonderful items for YOUR little baby worf or worfette!!!

chambers fine art gives you Shi Jinsong
check out ALL of the items (you'll LOVE the rocking horse)

actually these are items of wonder and i'd sure love to own at least one

Na Zha Cradle
Stainless steel
24 x 31 7/8 x 24 3/8 in (61 x 81 x 62 cm)

Na Zha Walker
Stainless steel
21 5/8 x 24 3/8 x 26 in (55 x 62 x 66 cm)

(via boing boing)

jessica at how about orange

shows us all how to make some pretty darn neat-o

flowers out of newspaper

pic by jessica

(via craftzine)

i'm ALWAYS linking to stuff

scoochmaroo has made or thought up. well, the stuff she thinks up and makes is worth me linking to. there you have it in a nutshell!

here is her instructable for homemade shampoo (with different additives for different problems)

pic from the instructable of scoochmaroo

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i LOVE this box template

a french fry box template at that via folding trees from creating keepsakes


Girly Fry Box by Jaime Ward. Supplies Cardstock: Provo Craft; Patterned paper: Glitz Design; Stamp, ink, embossing powder and scallop punch: Stampin' Up!; Ribbon: C.M. Offray & Son; Adhesive: Duck Adhesive Rollers.

i know you've seen the commercial on tv

and i KNOW you don't want to spend the money - why should you when you can

make your own upside down tomato planter Written by Becky Striepe

(from crafting in a green world pic from there as well)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm not a fan of the pop corn

gets stuck in my teeth and all. however, i think i'd make an exception for THIS corn!

pink party popcorn

pic from jenny ryan at craftzine

no way!

wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and it's from hallmark too

the menagerie

well i shouldn't talk. i have a few enterprise TALKING and light up christmas ornaments. i LOVE them (as you knew i would)

via boing boing

Saturday, June 6, 2009

because reformed pirates love everything tetris

we have these two wonders via walyou
two different tetris necklaces

..................Artists Acetonxfree and Tetris-gollum bring you two Tetris necklaces, the one above by Acetonxfree, as shown in the picture is made of chains, connecting the bricks together, and gives it a cool look, while the one below by Tetris-gollum, is made of polymer clay and cord, and gives it more of a natural and easy to wear feel.........

(pics from the walyou link. tetris gollum top, acetonxfree the bottom)

Friday, June 5, 2009

this is genius!

how to crochet a flower with pull tabs

pic from the tutorial at escama studio

(via whip up)

want to (resin) cast your OWN knitting needles?

i know i do! well ammasmama at craftster shows us how!

resin knitting needle tutorial (pics by ammasmama)

wow, thanks for the great tut ammasmama!

if i had a kid

i'd beg borrow or steal to get them this car (mostly beg and perhaps a bit of bartering)

Monster head kiddie car

turns out it's made by elmer presslee (elmer, i'll be your best friend..............................) (although i think elmer's real name isn't elmer at all. i be thinkin' it be bill) CHECK OUT ALL OF HIS WORK, IT'S ASTOUNDING

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ANOTHER cool favor bag holder kinda thingy

this one made out of AN ENVELOPE (really, it is!!!)

how to make the bagalope

pic and directions by: By Stephanie Scheetz Stephanie Scheetz ( has been a designer and instructor in the craft industry for nearly 15 years. Her hobbies include thrift store shopping, eBaying, and collecting mail art, prison art, and bad art.

this COULD be a favor holder for a wedding

but i think i'd use it for a kid's party - to hold treats

fun felt favor bags by Erika Kern, contributor (from craftstylish) Photo: Erika Kern

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'm making the wedding favors for my niece

and i'd BEST GET HOPPIN'!!! i'm taking a picture of the happy couple and diamond glazeding it onto a little glass square. i'm doing some with the picture on top and some with the pictures on the bottom. i'm then going to put them into little organza bags

i just saw this from style me pretty

flavored sugar packets diy. i think a few of them in the little favor bags will be cool as well.

(pic from style me pretty)


the 2008 wickimedia commons pictures of the year

check them ALL out. stunning in a word

here's only ONE OF THEM

(it's #13 by the way)
# 13 – 13 votes in Round 2;
Category - Nature views #4 – 141 votes in Round 1;
This image of an ice wall and the ocean floor at Explorer's Cover, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound is adjacent to remote-controlled photographic equipment. An underwater camera is connected by cable to onshore facilities, which upload images to the Internet via radio signals.

main visible species :
the antarctic scallop (Adamussium colbecki)
the common antarctic sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri)
a stalk-like bush sponge (Homaxinella balfourensis)
a brittlestar (Ophionotus victoriae)
seaspiders (Colossendeis sp.)

Taken by Steve Clabuesch.
(via boing boing)

love this sick tee

heartless tee at threadless

via the awesomer