Sunday, October 2, 2011

i took this yesterday

with my iphone and my favorite camera app ttv camera

i love this picture if i do say so myself

Saturday, October 1, 2011

i'm also going to make these booties

for wes AND for the shower i'm attending this weekend. i do make my own felt (both dry and wet) but i sure don't have enough time by next weekend. i happened to stop at michaels yesterday. they had that normal felt stuff - which is crap. did you know it was made out of polyester? i lost hope until i was wandering around in another area. guess what? THEY HAD REAL WOOL FELT! (and they also have tiny bags of roving too)

i got these four colors. i'm going to use two colors in each set of booties. the felt is my pic, the booties i'm going to make AND the picture of them are from martha's website  the design is by Dawn Huntington,

how to baby booties

the felt is dimensions feltworks (this link has GREAT prices by the way. at michaels it was WAY more expensive)

working on my 4th ez baby surprise jacket

the colors are brighter than it appears. i should finish it this weekend (the baby shower is NEXT weekend  so i HAVE to finish it soon)

here are the others i finished as well. the top one (one with the log cabin blanket) was made for my BRAND NEW great nephew wes. he was born at 12:34 AM on monday! he's A-DORABLE (and hey we ALL have big ol' feet)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

halloween is RIGHT around the corner

from craftbits, here is THE perfect headband for the occasion

pic from the craftbits link above

these are pretty handsome

from instructable user paul em

an upcycled flashlight made from a soda can and a cereal box

pic from the instructable linked above

ok, i'm ALL over this

although i am NOT going to use gold glitter. i'm not the gold type. purple is more my speed
from honestly wtf

a diy miu miu sneakers AND a vans give away so you can make your own! (i entered, you should too. at the VERY least, you may get a free pair of shoes)

pic from honestly wtf linked above

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i absolutely LOVE this cute necklace and AM going to make one

mini folk charm necklace

from craftzine (and makezine

By Cathe Holden

pic from the tutorial linked above

dangerous minds bring us a

rob orbison concert from 1973 in australia

the log cabin baby blanket and elizabeth zimmerman's baby surprise jacket

i made for my pregnant niece. there's a pic of an UNFOLDED baby surprise jacket. ez wasn't a 'good' knitter. the woman was an EFFING GENIUS. well BEYOND a genius. i just don't know how she could have designed some of the things she came up with.

i used malabrigo which i LOVE. it's soft and the price is right. i use marino worsted

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book giveaway: Simply Bead & Wire

Book giveaway: Simply Bead & Wire

this was in the wapo the other day

and i'm ABSOLUTELY going to make it.. minus the cheese of course!
watermelon and tomato salad (i would add without question or a doubt, jalapeno peppers)

(two of my favorite things. i would have NEVER thought to combine them!)

pic: (Domenica Marchetti)

ok, a long time ago i saw some AMAZING jewelry

(i believe they were rings and bracelets) made out of pencils. well i came across this from design mom and i went NUTS. they are WONDERFUL and quite do-able!

colored pencil jewelry

pic from design mom, linked above

my panzanella salad

1 can of chickpeas
sliced onion
stale hearty bread
red and green bell peppers (diced)
toasted pine nuts
roasted corn (because i had it)
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
sea salt
ground pepper
herbs of your choice

i don't measure so i can't give you proportions. just make sure the bread gets soaked through with the liquids. (note:  if your bread isn't stale, you can fry it up in a tiny bit of olive oil first). you can toss in whatever you have; cucumbers, olives, jalapenos, avocado, white beans/black beans,  really WHATEVER. i used what i had.


fellini's fate

Fellini's Fate on

A New Film Pursues the Mystery Behind the Influential Director’s Last Comic Tale

Filmmaker Chelsea McMullan’s emphatic new short documents the surreal myths surrounding Federico Fellini’s infamous unmade film Il Viaggio di G. Mastorna Detto Fernet (The Journey of G. Mastorna called Fernet), the story of a man living unknowingly in the afterlife. The avant-garde director described the project as his life’s curse, and legend has it that a magician once told Fellini that if he made the picture, ............

(and if you don't think i LOVE him, take a gander at this! i JUST had it done last week. now he's with me ALL of the time)

ink by john hinkle at green man

from crafty crafty

GREAT blog!

women fighters in reasonable armor

“You wanna come into MY forge and get all up in MY face?”

by Jason Chan for Bioware.

I haven’t played Dragon Age. I’m sure it’s awesome, I just suck at roleplaying games that aren’t of the shaking-a-handful-of-dice variety.

Kristen Stewart in the upcoming Snow White film (Universal Pictures).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

a couple of things from elizabeth abernathy's blog


20 things to make from cardboard tubes


her fourth issue of nuno magazine; (by the way, i have the first three and i will be ordering the fourth. they're pdf's and the price IS right. the projects are cool and do-able and fun

nuno magazine. the 4th issue is painted desert 

Friday, August 19, 2011


sent to me by lemmy


some pictures i took

with my iphone and the ttv app

speaking of veganism.........

 ............. (here's a post i did on my other blog about bill clinton becoming vegan (cool!)

here's another issue i'd like to talk about. people getting feather hair extensions. perhaps they don't know animals get TORTURED for this. there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for it either. if you want feather extensions, you can get a VERY COOL VEGAN version.

here are a few places you can shop:

the bead giant on etsy


montabahn on etsy (by the way, i ordered from this shop) pic from montabahn etsy shop linked above - these are THE faux feathers i ordered by the way


meg's faux feathers on etsy

here's some information you just might want to read BEFORE buying REAL FEATHER hair extensions:

Vegan Uncensored: Out With The Feather Hair Extensions!

We’ve all seen them: the brightly colored hair feathers dawning heads of sorority girls, Ke$has and Steven Tylers everywhere. It’s unclear how these ridiculous hair accessories became so popular, but it IS clear that they come at the price of lives. According, “at least one farm in Western Colorado is now killing up to 1,500 roosters per week just for their backside “saddle” feathers.” There are many accessory- and clothing-related items that are less than – um – compassionate, but when new ones emerge it’s a good opportunity for us to look, as a society, at how we use and abuse animal for the sake of something as frivolous as fashion.
The attention that has been paid to the recent use of feather hair extensions has brought focus to another use for rooster feathers, which is equally lame: fishing lures. That’s right, look at the big picture: thousands of roosters are killed weekly for their use in fishing lures and hair accessories! ..............

Jim Bahn / CC by 2.0

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

check out killhouettes

on facebook


their regular website killhouettes (what else???)


really, go check them out................NOW

i got my new

photojojo lenses!

here are a couple of pics i took from the same distance, of the new necklace i'm making

(yes, i know they're NOT great pics, i didn't take any time to adjust and focus and things like that, but you can definitely see the difference)

and here's a (horrible) picture of my hand where i STABBED myself (fairly deeply) with the METAL knitting needle, RIGHT between my thumb and finger. and yes, it STILL hurts.

here's a picture of the WEAPON (along side a pen)

yes, it's true