Saturday, October 1, 2011

i'm also going to make these booties

for wes AND for the shower i'm attending this weekend. i do make my own felt (both dry and wet) but i sure don't have enough time by next weekend. i happened to stop at michaels yesterday. they had that normal felt stuff - which is crap. did you know it was made out of polyester? i lost hope until i was wandering around in another area. guess what? THEY HAD REAL WOOL FELT! (and they also have tiny bags of roving too)

i got these four colors. i'm going to use two colors in each set of booties. the felt is my pic, the booties i'm going to make AND the picture of them are from martha's website  the design is by Dawn Huntington,

how to baby booties

the felt is dimensions feltworks (this link has GREAT prices by the way. at michaels it was WAY more expensive)

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