Friday, August 28, 2009

yum 15 lunchbox snacks

from apartment therapy the kitchn

MOST if not ALL can certainly be veganized

(pic of the roasted chickpeas from the link above at the kitchn)


art bead scene blog tells us

they're having a give a way!!!

from art bead scene: (pic from there as well)

............The good folks over at Green Girl Studios sent us this awesome little collection of mermaid charms and pendants as a fun giveaway for our readers...................

Thursday, August 27, 2009

if you're in san fran

DO stop by and see the work of charles gatewood. he's one of my favorite photographers. i don't own any of his prints (i wish) but i do own some of his books. it's NOT for the squeamish i might add

Charles Gatewood photography show in San Francisco

For four decades, Charles Gatewood has trained his camera on underground scenes, from the Beats and the dark alleys of 1970s Mardi Gras to modern primitives and extreme sexual fetishists. He is a photographic anthropologist at the fringes of Western culture. I feel privileged to have Charles's marvelous portrait of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin gazing into their dreamachine hanging above my desk. Charles Gatewood's photos of celebrities -- Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Allen Ginsberg, Al Green, Abbie Hoffman, and others -- will be on display at San Francisco's Robert Tat Gallery from September 3 to October 31.......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

craftzine turns us on to

one hell of a wonderful, colorful and prolific crocheter!

sarah london

BUT it's her hawaiian flower motif crochet tutorial (follow the links in craftzine) that has knocked my socks off

pic from ms london's blog


street magic wedding proposal

Dan Trommater sez, "I was recently asked to orchestrate a very cool marriage proposal on the streets of Toronto. I normally perform at corporate events, but I jumped at this chance to get back on the streets. Arvin Ross contacted me and asked that I set up a street magic performance in the Harbourfront area of Toronto. I had to gather a crowd and somehow get him on one knee, then magically produce the wedding ring..............

too good to be true?

a rolling lego cookie cutter!!!!



and it really IS from the lego shop too

i've never heard of the peeled paper technique

but i sure am going to try it with help from this

peeled paper technique tutorial

by Cyndi Lavin

(pic from cyndi's tutorial at blisstree)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


look at this fun fantastic felt summer headband tutorial from

suite living (pic from suite living as well)

found via feltorama

1500 hours

but boy is it worth it. 8 bit lego tribute

via boing boing

blisstree tells us about

bundles of love for iraq

by Chloe Findlay-Harder

Are you a sewer, crafter or fiber artist who’d like to share with people who need some help overseas?

Iraqi Bundles of Love is a project set up by a soldier who is deployed in Iraq right now. He’s seen the need for so many different little daily necessities and wants to help.

What does he want people to send?

Fabric and sewing notions!.........

and from the iraqi bundles of love site, here's how to build a bundle!!!

here's their facebook page

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i don't know who this dude is or where this was taken

but i'd LOVE to have a coffee and craft with him! holy cow

via extreme craft

helpful makeup accessory tip

i went to buy a sharpener for an eye liner pencil. one of the CHEAPER makeup brands was charging 5.99 for a double sharpener. HELL NO.

i walked over to the stationary aisle and got a double pencil sharpener for $.99!!!! SAME EXACT THING. really

any drug store peeps

Friday, August 21, 2009

i got these lovely items from

etsy seller a piece of your soul

i got them for my father to give to his 'girl friend'. he doesn't call her that, i don't know WHAT words to use. my parents were married 50+ plus years and my moms died. my popi was going to die of grief his own self. little by little my sisters and i convinced him to go out. he started making friends and he went out with a couple of different women. then he met 'j'. well, they are THE perfect pair. she lost her spouse as well. they met playing cards at the senior center. anyway, it's her birthday today and i think she's really going to LOVE the necklace and bracelet. she loves and wears a lot of silver.

etsy seller a piece of your soul is local to connecticut. that's the reason i found her, the reason i bought from her is HER WORK IS BEAUTIFUL

the new new blog shows us how to FELT ROCKS

now we all know (or we should ALL KNOW) how wonderful resurrection fern is. that's where i first got a gander of felted rocks. man, that woman, margaret is something. she's a doctor (i believe) AND one heck of a crafter. if i could meet one crafter over coffee, it sure would be her (not to discount anyone else. i'd love to have coffee or in this weather iced tea, with a TON of crafters i admire and am jealous of).

and here's the tutorial for the felted rocks (TWO ways; by hand and by machine). picture from the new new blog

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

jenny hart over at

sublime stitching (as you know if you read this blog, i've now taken up embroidery. i have gotten a LOT o' stuff from sublime stitching and i am also going to highly recommend this site to YOU as well. i don't get remunerated for any of my postings or recommendations. i like what i like and i don't gloss things over. i think customer service is VERY important. it's even right up with producing a good product. so i AM telling you this site had GOOD STUFF!!!)

jenny's got a new book coming out

embroidered effects (the pic is a cover of the book taken from the link to chronicle books)

jenny ALSO gives us a cool look into her book with a floss blending tutorial. click on over and see what you can do and get a hint of what's in the book while you're at it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

oh cool!

10 Wonderful Knitted Movie Characters

Woolly renderings of Han Solo, The Joker and more...

BY Andy Lowe

here's #7

The Joker

The Dark Knight (2008)

"My favourite film character of 2008.

"If I ever go insane I will be sure to do it properly, like this guy."

oh my goddess, you MUST visit the etsy shop of

kerribeads (pic of the raven bead from her etsy shop)

THE most amazing hand made lampwork glass beads. unique, beautiful, special, stunning. that raven simply knocked my socks off.

and here's her website kerri fuhr

found via art bead scene

Saturday, August 8, 2009

look at this BEAUTIFUL japanese double gauze

fabric i got from fabric tales

obviously i knew it was japanese fabric. i just didn't know i was actually getting it from japan. it came rather quickly. this fabric is so soft. it's like the proverbial baby's bottom (and i'm not even exaggerating here)

i'm going to make THIS with it. i don't sew so we'll see. i'm going to do it all by hand. i'm sure not going to serge the edges (i don't own a serger). if and when it gets made, i'll post the finished picture.

i am VERY happy with this purchase

Friday, August 7, 2009

ok, you know THIS is going to happen

watermelon keg

from an instructable

pic from the instructable

oh my! i AM inspired!

Inspiring Fabric Origami
by Chloe Findlay-Harder

Fabric origami is such an amazing thing - you’re taking a soft, flat piece of fabric and transforming it into into sculptural object.

I’ve used duppioni silk to create origami butterflies before, but they’re nothing compared to the Japanese art of “Tsumami Kanzashi” or fabric flower making. The intricate flowers are made of silk, rayon or sometimes even cotton, folded and placed together to create realistic decorations and hair ornaments........

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my patches are here

i got them from the etsy shop of JoJoCustomizes Jo-Jo's Embroidery Shop.

he has some pretty cool stuff for some reasonable prices. also some GREAT customer service (that my dears is wicked important to me)

note: the patches are just out of the envelope. i didn't iron them on yet. they're NOT attached. i just threw them on an old tee shirt

when i get around to customizing my jacket with the patches, rest assured i'll post some pics


Monday, August 3, 2009

ok, whip up directed us n over to

uma joy designs for this WONDERFUL versatile wrap!

it's the MYRIAD OF POSSIBLITIES (photo from umajoy's blog)

a shawl, a wrap, a skirt, a scarf. you name it, you got it!

not only is the design simple genius BUT THE YARN IS DELICIOUS (i NEVER say stuff like that either)

uma has some free patters and some patterns for sale on her site. she also has an etsy shop umajoy uma joy designs

stop by her blog, stop by her etsy store.

(whip up)

if you hop, run, crawl, slither, fly, gallop or otherwise

get your arse on over to threadbanger you can see a BUNCH of
diy pet projects they rounded up from the interwebs

here's just ONE of the collection. a pet bed made from recycled sweaters on craftstylish this photo and project are from: cal patch, contributor

(look at THAT FACE will ya!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a shout out to the etsy shop of


not only are her wares UNIQUE and wicked COOL COOL COOL

she offers up one hell of a lot of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

that's what will bring me back for sure

please check her out. you won't be sorry

art bead scene blog has links

to 20 FREE beading projects and they're ALL wicked cool

love it!


some bangin' VEGAN mac and NON cheese

to preface this, i do NOT really measure things. the following are approximations. my noni taught me how to cook by feel and sight and smell and taste. she didn't own a measuring cup and neither do i

1 lb (vegan) pasta, whatever you like

2 or 3 tomatoes chopped roughly

1 lb baby bella mushrooms (or whatever you like) chopped roughly

½ onion chopped roughly

1 red bell pepper chopped roughly

1 c nutritional yeast

2 c soy milk

½ t tumeric

2 T cashew butter

1 T miso (sweet or mild)

1 T tahini

1 vegan boullion cube

½ t cumin

1 t dried mustard powder

½ t onion powder

½ t garlic powder

2 T potato starch

1 T corn starch

1 block silken tofu

Vegan margerine (i use earth balance. I LOVE the stuff)

Olive oil




1/2 c vegan parmesean

Put vegetables in a microwave safe container (cover with a paper towel. it will spit) with 1 T olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. nuke for 3 minutes. stir and nuke again for 3 minutes. set aside. NOTE: you can add broccoli or green beans or whatever vegetables you have on hand and/or like.

cook pasta according to package directions

blend together the tahini, cashew butter, spices, nutritional yeast, miso, starches and tofu. you can use a blender or a hand mixer or even do it with a fork. slowly add the milk to the well blended mixture stirring constantly. add bouillon cube. put in saucepan and cook on low until the mixture thickens (a whisk is a really good impliment to have here). take off heat and add the vegan parm. if you'd like your NON cheese sauce to be a bit richer you can add a T or two of the earth balance

mix nuked vegetables and pasta. put in baking dish (you can spray or coat with a bit of olive oil) and cover with the NON cheese sauce. sprinkle bread crumbs on top and dot with vegan margerine if you so wish. bake in 375 degree oven for 20 or 25 minutes, until top is browned.