Friday, August 21, 2009

i got these lovely items from

etsy seller a piece of your soul

i got them for my father to give to his 'girl friend'. he doesn't call her that, i don't know WHAT words to use. my parents were married 50+ plus years and my moms died. my popi was going to die of grief his own self. little by little my sisters and i convinced him to go out. he started making friends and he went out with a couple of different women. then he met 'j'. well, they are THE perfect pair. she lost her spouse as well. they met playing cards at the senior center. anyway, it's her birthday today and i think she's really going to LOVE the necklace and bracelet. she loves and wears a lot of silver.

etsy seller a piece of your soul is local to connecticut. that's the reason i found her, the reason i bought from her is HER WORK IS BEAUTIFUL

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