Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

a couple of things from elizabeth abernathy's blog


20 things to make from cardboard tubes


her fourth issue of nuno magazine; (by the way, i have the first three and i will be ordering the fourth. they're pdf's and the price IS right. the projects are cool and do-able and fun

nuno magazine. the 4th issue is painted desert 

Friday, August 19, 2011


sent to me by lemmy


some pictures i took

with my iphone and the ttv app

speaking of veganism.........

 ............. (here's a post i did on my other blog about bill clinton becoming vegan (cool!)

here's another issue i'd like to talk about. people getting feather hair extensions. perhaps they don't know animals get TORTURED for this. there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for it either. if you want feather extensions, you can get a VERY COOL VEGAN version.

here are a few places you can shop:

the bead giant on etsy


montabahn on etsy (by the way, i ordered from this shop) pic from montabahn etsy shop linked above - these are THE faux feathers i ordered by the way


meg's faux feathers on etsy

here's some information you just might want to read BEFORE buying REAL FEATHER hair extensions:

Vegan Uncensored: Out With The Feather Hair Extensions!

We’ve all seen them: the brightly colored hair feathers dawning heads of sorority girls, Ke$has and Steven Tylers everywhere. It’s unclear how these ridiculous hair accessories became so popular, but it IS clear that they come at the price of lives. According, “at least one farm in Western Colorado is now killing up to 1,500 roosters per week just for their backside “saddle” feathers.” There are many accessory- and clothing-related items that are less than – um – compassionate, but when new ones emerge it’s a good opportunity for us to look, as a society, at how we use and abuse animal for the sake of something as frivolous as fashion.
The attention that has been paid to the recent use of feather hair extensions has brought focus to another use for rooster feathers, which is equally lame: fishing lures. That’s right, look at the big picture: thousands of roosters are killed weekly for their use in fishing lures and hair accessories! ..............

Jim Bahn / CC by 2.0

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

check out killhouettes

on facebook


their regular website killhouettes (what else???)


really, go check them out................NOW

i got my new

photojojo lenses!

here are a couple of pics i took from the same distance, of the new necklace i'm making

(yes, i know they're NOT great pics, i didn't take any time to adjust and focus and things like that, but you can definitely see the difference)

and here's a (horrible) picture of my hand where i STABBED myself (fairly deeply) with the METAL knitting needle, RIGHT between my thumb and finger. and yes, it STILL hurts.

here's a picture of the WEAPON (along side a pen)

yes, it's true

wow, this is lovely

i didn't read how to do it yet, but i will!

DIY Sun Printing on Fabric

 Anna Laurent

pic from ms laurent's diy linked above

Sunday, August 14, 2011

here's a list of sites that have knitting for charity links GO VISIT 'EM!

here's the newest beaded knitted necklace i made

i used c-lon cord and a bunch of different beads. some i had, some i got new.

i've been getting a lot of my suppies from bello modo of late. i use etsy a lot as well

pics (back so you can see it's knitted) and front were taken with my phone, so they aren't the greatest

i just ordered these lenses for my phone

what? they were NOT that expensive. i know i posted about them before, BUT i just ordered them myself and i'm excited!!!

from  photojojo

Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


i'm not a fan of jails for animals

(yes, i know there are some good points to zoos and aquariums but still.........) BUT this video (from mystic aquarium) is pretty damn amazing and wicked cool and special

Connecticut based Mariachi band Los Trovadores de America recently serenaded a Beluga Whale at Mystic Aquariumin Mystic, CT.

wow, this is wicked nice

from craftzine

they're calling it a swimsuit cover up but i'd wear it as a tunic over a sleeveless tee and leggings. there's podcast and a pdf to the knit pattern. pic from the craftzine link

CRAFT Pattern: Splash Swimsuit Cover-Up

by Nikol Lohr