Thursday, August 28, 2008

the cool checks and sassy skull sweatband is ready

the headband (sweatband) i made for matt (attempt deux). my special thanks goes out to glampyre knits for the skull chart. i did NOT design the skull chart. it came from glampyre. i only wrote it out in pattern form

co=cast on
bo=bind off
cc=contrasting color

2 balls elann esprit or cascade fixation-(one ball each of a different color). there will be enough left over to do at least one more headband. OR you could do a belt instead of headbands

(i used the √©lan yarn. it’s the same and it’s WAYYYYYYYYY less expensive). you can’t really substitute yarns on this (at least for a headband). the esprit and the fixation are both cotton with a tiny bit of elastic thrown in for good measure. it’s stretchy

i find it difficult to knit from charts so i wrote out the pattern:

i used a size 6 needle. gauge isn’t important as long as you measure your head and make sure your headband is neither too small nor too large (what are you? goldilocks?). knit till it’s JUST right, then bind off

ROW CO 22 stitches
Knit 3 rows
then: (skull chart - chart uno)
1 k3 k2 k1 cc k5 k1cc k7 k3
2 k3 p8 p1cc p3 p1cc p3 k3
3 k3 k4 k1cc k1 k1cc k3 k3cc k3 k3
4 k3 p2 p2cc p1 p3cc p2 p1cc p5 k3
5 k3 k5 k1cc k3 k5cc k2 k3
6 k3 p2 p2cc p1 p3cc p2 p1cc p5 k3
7 k3 k4 k1cc k1 k1cc k3 k3cc k3 k3
8 k3 p8 p1cc p3 p1cc p3 k3
9 k3 k2 k1cc k5 k1cc k7 k3
rows 10,11,12 knit
repeat 1-12 to desired length
k4 rows
sew cast on and cast off edges together
you can do a few repeats of the skull then throw in some hip checks so you can be cool, just like me

(hip check chart- chart deux)
K3, k4cc, k2, k4cc, k2, k4cc, k3
K3, p4cc, p2, p4cc, p2, p4cc, k3
K3cc, k4, k2cc, k4, k2cc, k4, k3cc
K3cc, p4, p2cc, p4, p2cc, p4, k3cc

repeat these four rows a few times
you can add a few rows of a plain color in between the checks if you’d like. mix and match it up

i knit 7 repeats of the skulls (chart 1) and 3 repeats of the check chart (chart 2) with some plain cc knit rows in between the checks. really-mix it all up how YOU like it

i got two new cookbooks the other day

both by the same woman. miyoko nishimoto schinner. BOTH VEGAN. yes vegan. the first book has mostly very simple and light japanese recipes. they use some traditional japanese ingredients but i don't think most people would have a hard time finding them. in a lot of cases she did list a substitute. i'm lucky i have asian markets ALL over my hood.

the second book features delightfully decadent and gourmet recipes. the two pictures are from that book; now and zen epicure. yes that torte AND that terrine are vegan. yes yes yes.

i have not made anything from either book yet, but i will tell you the directions are straight forward and appear to be easy. the food items are certainly things i wouldn't hesitate to eat.

two thumbs up from me!

the photos of the food are straight from the book.

vegetable aspic terrine
chocolate almond rasberry torte

i'm trying this today after work

from fatfree vegan kitchen, three guilt free snacks. the microwave potato chips are my choice. the ONLY thing i'd do differently is for the salt and vinegar chips, i'd use MALT vinegar (one should ALWAYS use malt vinegar for chips if one is using vinegar)

the other two snacks are roasted chickpeas and kale chips (yup that's what i said)

more recycling and crafts!

from re-nest

how to craft a table using magazines

(via craftzine)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

scarves, i love 'em

and i can't get enough of 'em

wouldn't your young one look GREAT in this?

knit pencil scarf from zakkalife?

school did start (or will next week, depending upon where you live) AND it will be getting cooler soon. heck, i'd wear that scarf.

anyway, while looking for something else, i came across this super duper scarf roundup at make magazine

i have knit (and felted) the yorik by kate kuckro in knitty by the way

anyway, i suggest you stop by the super duper scarf roundup for some patterns (not all are free, but a lot are) AND for some inspiration! GET THE NEEDLES OUT

stop on by dreena's vegan recipes

and see things like

double chocolate almond explosion cookies (holy cow my mouth is watering!)

being vegan doesn't mean eating hay you know

on the streets of berlin

from wooster collective

i picked up an issue of

hi fructose while i was in northampton at modern myths. it is a wicked cool magazine. check out some of the things they have online at the link above.

i think i may even subscribe

i bring this up because it's mentioned today (well yesterday) in boing boing

Attaboy's Moleskines

Artist and Hi-Fructose co-editor Attaboy sent me one of his fancy new Moleskine Sketch Books individually laser etched by Modofly. The beautiful artwork really holds up in the etch. Each one is $36 and, upon your request, features a small original Attaboy sketch on the inside cover.

Mars-1's mind-blending "Strange Cargo" is our fifth embossed offset print to be included in the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Box Set. Mesmerizing and organic, the print is a wonderful edition to the set. Here's a better view of "Strange Cargo" so you can better see the details. We will have the Collected edition available for pre-order in our online store section on Friday June 13th.

Monday, August 25, 2008

from wise craft again

a tutorial on some ever so lovely fabric flowers

from boy's life

even though i'm a grrrl and i think LOADS o' grrrls would love building and playing with this

classic soma puzzle

(i can make the puzzle easier and with less problems than SEWING anything i might add)

(via whip up)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

from annie howe's keepsakes

make a cool pendant out of scrabble tiles (or you can use blanks. i've seen rectangle ones)

just THINK of the possibilities

(link via whip up)

some ummmmmmmmm unusual furniture

pink chair: design by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko

image credit: Dust Furniture)

tetris shelving:
First one is from Tetrad Shelving:

Meat Mirror (more info) -

all via psychedelic furniture from dark roasted blend

again from mochimochiland

another free pattern (isn't she kick ass for sharing with us? the answer is YES she is) . this time it's for captain capacitor!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

it's been a while since i mentioned a crafting charity

here's one from craftzine

donate your used fabric
Burda Style writes about Stichting Toekomst Rwanda (Future Foundation Rwanda), "a charity set up by a Rwandan refugee in The Netherlands to help underage mothers and children still vulnerable in Rwanda." The charity is setting up a sewing studio for the mothers and is collecting fabric and haberdashery donations to take with them. To donate some of your stash, send it to Stichting Toekomst Rwanda, Weipoortseweg 89, 2381 NJ Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands or send an email to

now come on, even i have some unused fabric (and i DO NOT sew).

want to learn how to weave?

don't have a loom? well you DON'T NEED ONE.

i subscribe to craftzine magazine

so i got the instructions (written) on how to do this as well as some card templates. now craftzine has published this video on how to do it


fresh shell beans and sage spread from the kitchn

(and it's vegan of course)

and if you're from connecticut there is only ONE bread it should be served on:

i think this bread chabaso is local only. it's a shame if it is. well not for me, i can get it. it's a shame for you if you're not in connecticut/new england, new york and joisey. it is WICKED GOOD. their seven grain bread could NOT be any tastier

(via craftzine)