Thursday, August 14, 2008

from uniqueco designs

(via crafting in a green world

we have some slammin' items made out of recycled flip flops. everything from jewelry to bottle stoppers to mobiles to belts to art to a bunch o' other stuff. please check them out.

(oh and they'd LOVE your old flip flops too.)

they're in kenya
The flipflop story
The world is blighted by many man-made products, momentarily useful then discarded, leaving a dirty scar on the land or sea. It is often the poorest parts of the world that suffer the worst environmental degradation. This flipflop initiative is an example of an environmental clean up which links waste back to the consumer world which generated it in the first place whilst providing opportunities to the communities living in the remote and impacted areas of the world.
The flipflop is the most basic footwear for so many in the world, yet every day hundreds of these brightly coloured, non-degradable pieces of rubber wash up on beaches around the globe, blighting the coastlines and the lives of local coastal people and the marine and coastal ecology.
Yet on the coast of Eastern Africa the flipflop initiative is a remarkable solution to this man-made problem. The local women and children have been encouraged to collect the washed up rubbish that arrives from as far a field as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The villagers turn this waste into saleable products such as key rings, belts, earrings and bags. It is hard to believe that a simple flipflop can be transformed from environmentally damaging waste into eye-catching glamour using only human creativity.

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