Thursday, August 28, 2008

i got two new cookbooks the other day

both by the same woman. miyoko nishimoto schinner. BOTH VEGAN. yes vegan. the first book has mostly very simple and light japanese recipes. they use some traditional japanese ingredients but i don't think most people would have a hard time finding them. in a lot of cases she did list a substitute. i'm lucky i have asian markets ALL over my hood.

the second book features delightfully decadent and gourmet recipes. the two pictures are from that book; now and zen epicure. yes that torte AND that terrine are vegan. yes yes yes.

i have not made anything from either book yet, but i will tell you the directions are straight forward and appear to be easy. the food items are certainly things i wouldn't hesitate to eat.

two thumbs up from me!

the photos of the food are straight from the book.

vegetable aspic terrine
chocolate almond rasberry torte

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