Sunday, August 10, 2008

once again i reference the purl bee

i am making my friend matt a headband. he's a chef and he'll wear it while at work

i am going to use the to hide and hold hairband knitting pattern from an old knitty gritty (man, i MISS that show). i've made several of them. they're easy, stretchy and fast to make. they're great little last minute gifts too. (maroon knit is from diy site)

i want to put little skull and crossbones in the hairband. i decided to knit them in would be way too much of a pain. so i'll try the duplicate stitch when i'm done (i've never actually DONE the duplicate stitch before mind you). i'll follow the pattern with the yarn overs BUT in the middle i'll just do some all out straight knitting so there's room for the skulls. keep your fingers crossed for me!

purl bee's duplicate stitch tutorial (pink swatch is from purl bee's site)

little skull chart i'm going to use is from glampyreknits

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