Thursday, October 30, 2008

from slashfood

here are a BUNCH of halloween themed treats mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

(including the aforementioned from zakka life coincidentally)
picture from

yum yum yum

from zakka life we have

halloween bento!!! (Picture from zakka life

(jessica has some kick-butt stuff on her blog. please DO check it out NOW)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

she just makes me smile

with her talent and her ideas and the outcome of both of those things!

a halloween witch doll from the purl bee - picture from there as well

also check out purl soho for ALL of your sewing, knitting and crocheting needs. some nice nice stuff

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

every once in a while

you come across a website that just blows you away. well here's one:

the toymaker and her
here's a link to one of her books at amazon

but the best part is here is a link to her toys (to make)

(all pictures are those of marilyn scott waters)
here are some words from marilyn:

Welcome to my Workshop !

Hello and hello! Welcome to my sunny, little corner on the the world wide web. My goal is to help grownups and kids spend time together making things and these paper toys are my gift to you. I do hope that you enjoy making them.

It is also my wish that you might make a few extra ones to brighten someone's day. They make fun little presents and are a great way to make people smile.

Here in my workshop is where I post toys that are new or in progress.

Best thoughts,

please visit her and make toys for YOU and for OTHERS. make yourself AND someone else smile.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

from fatfree vegan kitchen

this is sooooooooooooooooooooo halloweenie

spooky black bean hummus

(pic from fatfree too)

check them out because they really do have some of the BEST vegan recipes out there. (man, just check out the sausage recipe that's one down from the hummus)

i don't know what happened

i left some nice feedback at the etsy store of john w golden along with a picture (of my FIRST creation). the feedback went through WITHOUT comments or the picture. i just wanted to thank john not only for the incredible turn around time on my order BUT for him posting all of his how to videos. so THANK YOU john!!!

i truly appreciate you sharing with the rest of us. thanks thanks thanks

(picture of the pendant i made. i used some nice paper, the blank from john and the dg 3 i ordered from john's shop as well. i stuck a couple little flat backed jewely things in there too. i think i got them from michael's)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my VEGAN version of the

5 minute chocolate cake (i posted on friday) from

follow the recipe but use
VEGAN chocolate chips
i used soy milk
white whole wheat flour (yes, there is such a thing and i swear you won't know it's whole wheat in this recipe)
instead of the egg, i used 1 tsp of ener-g egg replacer

that is VEGAN ice cream (made out of soy) in the middle of the cake. i used a ramekin instead of a coffee cup too. it was a bit bigger (hey, i'm a hearty eater, what do you want?)

from croq zine

and tell me HOW cool is this? a dia de los muertos sangwich
(to make it vegan, we have to find substitutes for the marshmallows)

will someone make this for me?

none of my friends will (well, they say, they don't have a laser cutter (BRIAN) BUT i don't believe them)

A Sinusoidal Acrylic Bracelet Design from evil mad scientist - pictures from there as well

Contributed by Lenore

Friday, October 24, 2008

i'm going to try this later today

i'd actually try it RIGHT NOW, but i have to go for bloodwork at 6:30 (am) and i can't eat anything. they DO allow me ONE CUP of black coffee. they don't know MY definition of a cup though, do they............

i am going to attempt a VEGAN version of this though. i will use vegan chocolate chips (yes there are such things) and instead of the egg i am going to use that egg replacement stuff (there are a couple out there. i use ener-g. and NO it's NOT the fake egg stuff that really is made out of eggs. this is powdered and comes in a box and is VEGAN)

i'll let y'all know how it turns out later. BUT i did think this was quite the ingenious thing. a quick easy fix for your sweet cravings.......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

yummmmmmmmmmm brains

(but they're VEGAN ones at that)

melon brains

(pic from
Author:scoochmaroo as well)

i can use this every day

what a great market bag from orange juicy knits

(found via whip up)

(pic from orange juicy)

don't care don't care don't care

what YOU think. i think this is WONDERFUL. (i must admit i NEVER saw the original beyonce video (you have to click the youtube link to it because the embedding has been disabled) NOR had i ever heard the song. this absolutely has started my day off with a bang. i'm going to smile ALL day now

Great Moments in Interpretive Choreography on The YouTube

This is why we have the internet. If you feel moved to sneer, *you* try re-creating a Beyoncé video, shot by shot, shimmy by shimmy, while clad only in asymmetrical underwear. Single Man Dances To Single Ladies. BB reader BettyWu reminds us that not everyone has seen the original, which is required: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). (Thanks, Susannah Breslin).........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh no no no

this is way too good (and way too creepy)

knit monster monster from things and ideas (pics from things and ideas as well)


it really is one of THE coolest knitting patterns i've seen. and it really DOES creep me out at the same time

(found via craftzine)


scary and spooky tree

and the pattern is HERE!!! from blue argyle (pic is blue argyle's as well) via craftzine

a big old halloween



from ray villafane
(found via boing boing
Insanely intricate pumpkin carvings
Posted by David Pescovitz, A couple of years ago, I posted about the pumpkin carving mastery of Ray Villafane. Ray just emailed to tell me that he'll be on the Food Network show "Challenge" next week, October 26, at 8pm EST, competing for $10k cash.)

pic from ray's site

and if all the pictures aren't cool enough - he's posted a pumpkin carving tutorial as well! RUN to check it out

Saturday, October 18, 2008

look at how pretty this cowl is

from Posted By:
Jess »

at cut out and keep

(i'm ALL over cowls and neckwarmers. i love love love 'em)

filed under (way too too too) cool

(found via bifurcated rivets)

no halloween home would be complete without

a giant spiderweb

(from instructables

i love this dude

john golden
and here's a link to his etsy shop

man he even shows you how to sharpen your punch (i never knew about that tip. THANKS john!)

here he shows us how to make pendants using dg3 (i posted his resin tutorials in the past)

the old blood spurting knife wound

from makezine

Friday, October 17, 2008

ok, this is one of the

most inventive, brightest, coolest quilts i have EVER seen. i'm bowled over. what's more, there's even a tutorial on how to make the squares (how's that for sharing?)

all pics from oh fransson


(found via whip up)

(and that's ONE LUCKY PUSS)

oh fransson's etsy shop

how to make an embroidered carry all

by Kirsty at kootoyoo

(found via whipup)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

look at what cathie filian

is making now! (i'm guessing steve is in on it too)

a spooky tree!!!
(pic from cathie

oh man

look what she's gone and created now! AND put up as a free pattern to boot!

(pic from mochimochi land)

why it's resisty the resistor!!!

and don't forget to check out her shop too!

amazing amazing amazing patterns

she's got free patterns and tutorials and just coolness all over. do check out the site!


again from evil mad scientist laboratories we have this kick ass bat v2 and bat v1 (pics from evil mad scientist

evil mad scientist laboratories

brings us some halloween chow; eyeball caprese

it's NOT vegan, but i could make it vegan by substituting vegan cheese for the mozzarella (and carving that vegan cheese into the eyeball shapes). pic from evil mad scientist site

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a scrap-happy

celebration hat from cosy makes (picture from cosymakes). i think those colors could NOT be MORE perfect. they're absolutely stunning

(found via whip up)

a halloweeny how-to

from the wild and wacky threadbangers. it's a witch costume BUT it is labor intensive and rather complicated. so be forewarned!

oh wow


a fantasy pumpkin how to from hallmark magazine
don't you just love the color of the coach punkin'? i do

(found via whip up and picture from the hallmark website)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a project from the hardware store

and a pretty nice bracelet it is indeed!

hardware store bracelet by


at instructables

the new samhain 2008

anti craft is up! go check it out RIGHT NOW

there is the dollar store death all the way to sweet satisfaction
dollar store death : Carin Huber (photo)
sweet satisfaction: Leathra (photo)


the art of hunter stabler

hand cut paper
picture from the site of hunter stabler
found via neatorama


i love paper toys we have

e a coobie by goobeetsa (pic from goobeetsa)

found via boing boing

note: he also has an etsy shop

Sunday, October 12, 2008

if you want to make this

start NOW for next year. there's NO WAY it will be ready for THIS halloween. there are TEN pages of instructions (and they're rather detailed)

but my oh my - it's wicked cool

origami skeleton from makezine

by Marc Kirschenbaum