Thursday, October 23, 2008

don't care don't care don't care

what YOU think. i think this is WONDERFUL. (i must admit i NEVER saw the original beyonce video (you have to click the youtube link to it because the embedding has been disabled) NOR had i ever heard the song. this absolutely has started my day off with a bang. i'm going to smile ALL day now

Great Moments in Interpretive Choreography on The YouTube

This is why we have the internet. If you feel moved to sneer, *you* try re-creating a Beyoncé video, shot by shot, shimmy by shimmy, while clad only in asymmetrical underwear. Single Man Dances To Single Ladies. BB reader BettyWu reminds us that not everyone has seen the original, which is required: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). (Thanks, Susannah Breslin).........

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