Wednesday, June 3, 2009


the 2008 wickimedia commons pictures of the year

check them ALL out. stunning in a word

here's only ONE OF THEM

(it's #13 by the way)
# 13 – 13 votes in Round 2;
Category - Nature views #4 – 141 votes in Round 1;
This image of an ice wall and the ocean floor at Explorer's Cover, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound is adjacent to remote-controlled photographic equipment. An underwater camera is connected by cable to onshore facilities, which upload images to the Internet via radio signals.

main visible species :
the antarctic scallop (Adamussium colbecki)
the common antarctic sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri)
a stalk-like bush sponge (Homaxinella balfourensis)
a brittlestar (Ophionotus victoriae)
seaspiders (Colossendeis sp.)

Taken by Steve Clabuesch.
(via boing boing)

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