Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my new necklace

(here's the original posting on how i made my silk beads oh so LONGGGGGGGGGG ago)

here's a necklace i made. the two beads on the right are glass. i made the other two beads. the bottom one out of resin with embedded paint and small beads. i wrapped that one in craft wire. the bead on the left i made a long time ago. it's made out of torn strips of silk, fabric paint (i used pens, including metallic ones), craft wire and a few already made beads. after i colored the silk with the fabric paint, i sponged on some mod podge and wrapped/rolled it around a straw. after it was dried, i further decorated it with the metallic markers and the craft wire and glass beads. i made a MESS of 'em.

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