Thursday, January 22, 2009

i LOVE this idea!

from the etsy shop of garden party
i eat on the go almost every day. even at work i'm using plastic cutlery. how wasteful! THIS is perfect and it doesn't hurt that it's cute as well as being green!

it's an awful lot of stuff for the price. plus these would make INCREDIBLE gifts.

this is the etsy description:
this cutie is made of fused plastic shopping bags from NYC delis. inside are pockets holding bamboo fork/knife/spoon & chop stix. also comes with a bandana for use as a napkin.

tuck it in your bag & impress your coworkers with your thriftiness.

or buy them in multiples for a picnic party!

an awesome way to get yer green on!

(found via whip up)
oh and here's her blog too garden party nyc diy (i checked it out, NICE stuff and great ideas)

picture from the etsy site of garden party


lenny said...

hey there!

thanks for the lovely shout out!
i totally appreciate it.

this is a super easy craft you can do over the weekend--seriously. also, i am now searching flea markets for mismatched utensils to use, making it an even greener craft.

keep in touch & be well!

a rose is a rose said...

it really is more than cute AND green AND clever!

thanks so much for stopping on by. i'll keep reading your blog. it's grand