Monday, May 26, 2008

i happened across this

and found it quite interesting. while i've had grappa (and am italian), i've never heard of a

..........Then she asked if I was familiar with grappa. When I said yes, she replied, “Then you might find this interesting,” and produced a very oddly shaped, covered wooden bowl with several spouts around the outside. “It’s called a grolla,” she said. “They’re made in the part of Italy where I grew up. You pour in a mixture of coffee and grappa, pass it around, and everyone drinks from a different spout. It’s a sort of friendship ritual.” It conjured up an image of communion, but with coffee—an odd juxtaposition that somehow really worked for me.

Holy Grolla
As I began reading about the grolla, I discovered that communion was a very apt association. The word “grolla” is related etymologically to “grail,” and is believed to have been inspired by the Holy Grail itself (at least, by people who still believe the Grail was really a grail). Indeed, sometimes wine is used in a grolla, and its early origins were religious in nature. It was only more recently that the grolla ritual became secularized (and caffeinated)...........

pictures: fiery grolla,

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