Wednesday, February 20, 2008

vegan (and low fat) okonomiyaki

i was looking up japanese crafts yesterday and somehow or another, i came across a recipe for a pancake/pizza called okonomiyaki. it is usually cooked with seafood such as tiny shrimp and octopus as well as pork. those of course are a NO NO in my book. i simply used vegetables i had on hand as well as whole grain flours. it came out KICK ASS i must say!

1 ½ c flour (i used a combo of whole wheat and buckwheat!)
3/4 c water
1 vegetable bullion cube dissolved in ½ boiling water
2 t egg replacer dissolved in ¼ c hot water (beat with fork or whisk until frothy)
1 c chopped broccoli (if frozen par boil or microwave. if fresh, par boil till tender)
1/2 c grated carrots
1 c grated potato (i used a mixture of tiny ‘heirloom’ spuds of all colors. red, purple, yellow, white…. WITH the skins on)
grated onion (to taste)
(plus you can grate whatever else you have on hand. summer squash, sweet potatoes, winter squash. if you use something you’re not going to grate, like cauliflower, par boil it)
sea salt and pepper to taste

mix flour and water till blended. add the additional water with bouillon, egg replacer and the other vegetables. mix well and let sit 5 or 10 minutes. heat a non-stick skillet on high heat (you may spray it with non-stick spray or put in a bit of olive oil or the oil of your choice, to coat bottom), turn down to med or med-low and pour in the batter. swirl or arrange with the back of a large spoon, so the mixture gets evenly distributed. cover with foil or a plate large enough to fit over the skillet. cook until the bottom browns BUT doesn’t burn. the edges will be cooked, but the top will still be raw. carefully, slide the okonomiyaki out onto a plate so raw side is up. put the skillet over the top and flip the okonomiyaki so the raw side is down on the cooking surface. cook another 5 to10 minutes until that side browns. i don't see why you couldn't cook this in the oven if that's the route you wanted to take (of course your skillet should be oven proof). cut in wedges to serve.

note: you can serve with a mayo (vegan) mixed with a bit of soy sauce/tamari and hoisin sauce

(my lunch for work today: guacamole, sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes with balsamic dressing, okonomiyaki, apple, orange)


artificial_grape said...

I used 1/4 cup soy sauce instead of the bouillon, but this was GOOOOOD!!!!

a rose is a rose said...

mmmmmmmmm i think i'll make one for lunch (with the leftovers for dinner). i love soy sauce. i might just try using a bit more of that and leaving the bouillon out