Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this is odd odd odd

and just darn good timing!

i have to make TWO baby sweaters by next tuesday. i knew one of the ones i was going to make. i had the yarn and pattern all picked out (i saw it knitted up at sit-n-knit in bloomfield ct a while ago and it was cute and looked easy and quick).

it uses plymouth yarn cotton kisses. the pattern is right in the ball of yarn as are the needed buttons.

BUT i didn't have a pattern in mind for the other sweater. i bought a pattern but i wasn't thrilled (oh, i love the pattern all right, on thinking about it, i don't think it's right for the child i'm knitting it for).

however, THIS PATTERN is EXACTLY right (and please, HOW fortuitous is that????). the pattern is from f. pea as is the picture of the beautiful PERFECT sweater!

i'm one happy a rose is a rose!!!

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