Monday, February 23, 2009

i don't have a ps3, but if i did

i'd get this game: flower

Flower Power Blooms in First Climate-Change Game
By Clive Thompson
Spoiler alert: There are many, many very big spoilers for the videogame Flower in this column. Don't read it if you haven't played it all the way through. Or unless you — y'know — want to have it spoiled for you! Your life; your call.

What the hell is Flower about?

People have been arguing about this gorgeous little tone poem since it was released two weeks ago. As many reviewers have noted, the game is very abstract. You control a flower petal, guiding it with a gust of wind through blighted, brown landscapes. As you touch different flowers, you gradually bring the landscape back to life — and trees and grass burst into color. ......

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