Friday, March 27, 2009

she's not done yet

but i was so happy with her and i couldn't wait to post a picture (or two) of her until she was completed (the wings and the big yarn ball she's sitting on have to be done). pictures are crappy.. i took them upsidedown and spinned them around.

i really LOVE her. i got her done at liberty tattoo in berlin by pat macdonald (his pops and i go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back)

anyway, if you're in the mood for some ink, stop on by liberty they'll hook you up

and yes, i'll post her when she's DONE as well

in all fairness my knitting fairy is loosely based on a drawing on saw on the internet (i can't find her again or i'd give credit where credit is due). i told pat i wanted her to have a bun and have knitting needles sticking out of it. i wanted her to have wings and i wanted her to be sitting on a big ball of yarn. i wanted a raven in there somewhere and i wanted some purples. HE came up with the drawing which i will say once again I LOVE

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