Sunday, September 27, 2009


how to make a lace knitting chart using excel. it would work for cables too. no doubt about it

pic from the tutoral at chez plum

found via craftzine

by the way, i actually do the OPPOSITE. i am making THIS HAT for a friend for christmas (it's PERFECT because he actually has trilobite tattoos). i'm not a big fan of charts. i tend to knit in places other than sitting on my couch (which means i'm out and about somewhere). so i transfer the chart to knitting stitches in excel. you could just use word, or write it on a piece of paper, BUT the grids in excel make it easier to follow for me. instead of a symbol for let's say c2b, i'll actually TYPE OUT c2b in the excel grid box. like i said, it works for ME.

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