Sunday, May 2, 2010

i kicked out this beret very quickly

once again, i didn't exactly follow a pattern. i used two yarns and TOO LARGE needles resulting in a VERY large brimmed hat. i don't have any green ribbon on hand, so i'll get some. once i do, i'll thread it through the 2X2 ribbed brim and make a cute little tie. for the time being, i just used the yarn.

i used a corn/cotton green yarn and the white yarn was a silk/cotton yarn. both were sock weight. like i said, the needles i used were WAY too large. it's lightweight and just a tiny bit shiny. it will be GREAT for bad hair days in the spring and summer. it's a good thing the first time i knit something i usually knit it for me. that way, i can fix my mistakes for the next one.

i was inspired by the following two patterns (i sort of combined them)

the lion brand beret (you'll have to register to see pattern)
the purl bee beret


Lemmy Caution said...

Love it !

a rose is a rose said...

i love the yarns. they're soft and the colors are great (hard to capture the shades in the green yarn), but it IS WAY TOO BIG. i've learned my lesson. swatch swatch swatch (well i know i should. whether i will or not, is anybody's guess)