Saturday, July 3, 2010

how cute is this summer jacket pattern?

it's also a podcast in itunes. it's at the link below. you can make this longer (i can't wear short stuff....). the  yarn they recommend is VERY reasonably priced. 

that girl

By Nikol Lohr
With short sleeves and a wide neckline, this retro-inspired cropped summer jacket goes from sunshine to summer nights or chilly air-conditioned offices. Knit from the top down, with puffed sleeves and seed stitch edging, the seamless design means that there's very little finishing, and it's ready to wear as soon as it's knit. The basic design allows for endless customization (add more buttons, make it longer, leave off the cuff for bell sleeves, etc.). Plus the cotton-linen blend is pleasant to knit even on a hot day. 

(pic from the craftzine link above)

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