Friday, August 6, 2010

i think i'm going to start reviewing iphone/itouch apps

i'm going to start with one i just purchased YESTERDAY (you can play online free here) or buy it for $.99 (well worth it) here at the app store

it's simple or so you THINK............

you start with four elements and build on from there.  the screen shots are from the online game. the iphone app has 196 elements and 21 groups.I believe it was just updated (so far i have 115 out of 196 and 15 out of 21). you just start clicking and combining (or for the phone dragging/tapping and combining)

well i love it. it's addictive. there ARE hints but i try not to use them. the more elements you have, the harder it gets. and  yes, there is an underlying element (get it) of humor as well.


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