Thursday, December 30, 2010

amazing, amazing, amazing amigurumi

i don't know if any of you have had natto. don't bother trying it if you haven't had it. I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT. oh, i've tried it and i'm one of five non-japanese people in the entire world who actually LIKES it. really, don't even try to find a place to buy it

it smells like shite (literally) and the consistency.... well how can i describe it? it's like slime covered little eyeballs. (i'm being NICE with that description. it should have been far far far worse).

anyway, i saw these pictures yesterday and KNEW i had to post them.

NATTO amigurumi! via

あみなっとう。 (←なんとなく、うまそうである。)

found via

oh, in case you're interested stop by welcome to nattoland for some info

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