Sunday, January 2, 2011

project i'm working on now

a beaded neckwarmer. no pattern.

what i did so far:

used blue sky alpaca sport weight. needle is circular 16" i believe a 4. cast on 88 stitches (it is going to be tight, not a loose one. i'm going to do a ruffle on the bottom as well. haven't decided if i'll crochet that on or just knit it). i'm doing a k2, p2 rib. every other row i've put a bead in each of the 2 purls. oh yeah, you have to string the beads FIRST of course. how many? well i don't know. i strung a LOT. when i'm done, i sure will be able to give an accurate count.

 the beads are a size 6 and they do fit on the sport weight yarn. i used one of those blue dental thingys to thread the beads. pics are from my phone so they're not as good as camera pics

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