Thursday, May 19, 2011

crafting for a cause and YOU can help

story comes from craftzine (as does the pic)

Beading to Beat Autism

Posted by Diane Gilleland

You may have seen this determined young woman on The Ellen Show in 2008. Michala Riggle, then age 10, was busy raising $200,000.00 to help her local hospital incorporate an experimental treatment that she'd seen work well for her younger brother Evan, who has autism.
Michala reached her goal by making beaded bracelets and selling them for donations. She recruited volunteers to help her make and sell thousands of them. And together, they raised over $300,000.00.
And now, she's setting her sights even higher: she wants to build the most comprehensive Autism Research and Treatment Center in the world. The price tag: $300 million dollars! And she has a three-year plan to get it done through beaded bracelet sales. Want to help?......................


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