Wednesday, September 17, 2008


cv rick

will 'you know who' threaten to leave you (or is that kick you out???)

if you get this tee??????????? (from threadless)


CV Rick said...

so long as it's not tater-tots, I think I'm fine.

I also think I need this shirt.

a rose is a rose said...

i will NOT be dissin' your sugar BUT RICK, c'mon, a tator tots vest?????

what is wrong with the woman? (NOT a dis of course)

listen, if i ever make it out to minneapolis, i'll bring YOU one and ME one. we'll meet on the downlow at some seedy establishment (perhaps you know one or two) and have a beverage or two whilst wearing our tater tots vests. sugar will NEVER know. i won't tell and if you're smart (i used to think you were until i found out about the legs tied around the canoe) YOU won't tell her either. if you get here before i get there, not to worry, i know PLENTY of seedy joints we can have a beverage (or two) in

the tater tot vest aside, i think this shirt is kick ass (even though there is not a tot in site)

you really should go for it. it's not that expensive either and unlike the tater tot vest, you don't have to make it