Thursday, November 27, 2008


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Alice's Restaurant isn't around anymore. But, as the song says, Alice didn't live in a restaurant. She lived in the church nearby the restaurant... And the old Trinity Church, where Alice once lived and where the saga began has become home to The Guthrie Center and The Guthrie Foundation.

Arlo Guthrie providing a place to bring together individuals for spiritual service, as well as cultural and educational exchange founded the Guthrie Center, an Interfaith Church, in 1991. The Trinity Church where the song The Alice's Restaurant Massacree began and where the movie Alice's Restaurant was filmed, continues to service the local and international community.

Originally built as the St. James Chapel in 1829, the structure was enlarged in 1866 and renamed Trinity Church. Ray and Alice Brock purchased the property in 1964 and made it their home. The building has had several owners since the early 1970s…”

Source: The Guthrie Center........... (pic from there too)

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