Sunday, November 16, 2008

i just discovered something i'd never heard of before!

grungeboard from tim holtz

i'm not really a scrapbooker. i USED to rubber stamp like mad. i still have a ton of stamps and embossing powders and the like. perhaps i'll get back into it. AFTER the holidays of course. i'm still working on other things. anyway, i was quite taken with all of this

and from margot potter; the impatient crafter

i actually saw THIS video FIRST and i knew i'd fallen in love with grungeboard


Margot Potter said...

I love your moniker! Thanks for the Linky Love, I'll link you back next Saturday in my Tastylinks post. Grungeboard is endlessly cool, you're going to love it!


a rose is a rose said...

man, i LOVE your outlook! no need to link back to me. i'm just so very happy i found YOUR site (and stuff).