Monday, July 27, 2009

ryan casey is making another film

i posted about another of his movies, here. it's called crushing pennies

Here's some info on his newest venture (words from ryan himself):

Sensory Perception is a sci-fi drama about a "recovering" drug addict who has recurring visions of an apocalyptic future.

The inhabitants of Brass City wake up, sad and devastated, each and every morning. No one is sure why, and people won't talk about it, mostly because they don't know how to explain it.

Jeremy is fresh out of rehab, trying to put his life back together, but his thoughts are becoming distorted. He can't help but "see" more than he wants to, and a shadowy figure seems to be having the same problem. Cleaning up has never been so difficult, but it's never been so important, either.

The film will be shot in P2 HD with 35mm adaptors and an impressive array of premium lenses, in the Waterbury/Cheshire area, in October 2009. Produced and Directed by Alessandro Signore for Pale Nail Productions.....

(I am also a Producer on this).

The crew is entirely from CT - and we've (The CT New Wave) banded together to start making films that actually say something here.


here's casting call info. (i don't know if casting is still happening though)

some myspace info on sensory perception

here's favorite media's twitter feed

do stop by at one of these sites. do support local artists. it's IMPORTANT


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