Monday, July 13, 2009

two more projects i completed

i made myself a little skull wristlet. it's to cover my bandage and when the bandage comes off, the scar (until i can get my tattoo fixed that is). here's the reason i have a bandage and will have a scar and why i'll need ideas for fixing my tattoo

the skull pattern is here. i just repeated it six times and didn't do any checks.

i also made this pin out of grungeboard like the last one


Malicious Intent said...

smart, witty, compassionate and creative too! You my dear are the complete package. So glad to have met you.

I am a romantic Libra who loves art and beautiful things. I also like to color outside the to break the rules and so what I think looks right. I respect that.

Great work. Gosh I am still staring at that pin down below. Wow.

a rose is a rose said...

all i have to say is I AM A GREAT COLOR ER OUTSIDE THE LINES too!

Malicious Intent said...

lines are just guidelines, not rules anyway.

I start crocheting when the weather turns cold and we are stuck inside. I made several gorgeous scarves for myself and friends. My grandmother made me a 10 foot long one years ago, so I could have a Dr. Who scarf. But it is one color. Thinking scraps would make a great super long scarf....going to work on that this summer.

a rose is a rose said...

try tying a bunch of yarns together and when you crochet your project (scarves are cool this way), leave the yarn tails hanging out all over. it really is neat