Friday, September 3, 2010

here's a little necklace i made

for our summer intern (she happens to be the daughter of my boss). cool kid (and i actually like my boss as well).

anyway, it's a simple beading job. i just strung a single strand of a bunch of different beads. some inexpensive some kinda expensive.

i made the center bamboo tile though. i used a metallic permanent gold marker and made dots all over it. i then took a picture of the photo copier (where she spent 80% of her time, transferring paper to scanned images) and used the gel transfer method to transfer it to the tile (you get acrylic gel and brush it on the photo copy in thin coats, letting each layer dry in between. i did about 6 or 7 layers and it took a few hours. then you put a layer of gel medium on the tile and while wet put the image face down on the wet gel. wait a moment or two then burnish (burnish it WELL). let dry OVERNIGHT or for several hours. when dry take a few drops of water on your fingertips and gently start rubbing the paper off, using more drops of water as needed.  ideally the image stays and the paper rubs off). i then coated everything with resin. that MUST dry overnight. i did put a picture of her father holding the 'department doll' on the reverse side (i never said i was nice)

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