Friday, September 17, 2010

i made a quick little case for my new phone

i cast on 17 stitches with a bulky wool (brown sheep lamb's pride bulky)

knit 39 ridges in garter stitch (about 16 or 17 inches i believe). then i purled one row (for the flap to turn down). then i knit 3 rows, then i did a row with 2 decreases (k2 tog, k to the last 2 stitches ssk), then k a row plain, then a decrease row, then k plain, then another decrease row. then i knit a buttonhole row, then a couple more rows plain. i also knit a little pocket on the front (pick up and knit right then i sewed the sides down with  yarn) for credit cards. i sewed the sides up stitched on a kitty button, then i put it in a pillow case and tossed it in the wash to felt. when it was done i did a bit of needle felting to make it a bit more UNplain. and there you have it

Note: i KNOW i didn't do a good job. i didn't block it or anything. i just wanted a case for my NEW phone and i wanted it in a hurry. if i made this for someone else, i WOULD have been more careful

anyway, here are pictures of the front, back and one of it unfelted and unsewn. dig those scissors? me too! i got them at sublime stitching (click the link for a better look at the scissors. they really ARE wicked cool)

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