Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i've used this (not so) secret

for MANY years. most of the time, i use appliques NOT to cover stains but to cover up rips that really can't be repaired. either way, it's a GREAT idea

as a matter of fact, the pants i have on now, have an applique on them to cover a lil' tear

Guest blogger series: Stain covering appliqué

Laura Burch

popcorn applique photo from the tutorial at whipup linked above

skull applique pic from me. they're on my green pants. the pants are unusual. gathered at the ankles with a big four inch (give or take) piece, then opening up to massive fullness above that. i get most of my clothing from a MOST fabulous joint in hartford. the clothes are MADE in hartford as well. it's not only comfortable (wicked comfortable) BUT great and out of the ordinary looking too! where you ask? well japanalia of course!

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