Monday, February 21, 2011

micro revolt is has a craft action alert out

here's the email i received:

microRevolt has launched a new craft action called 146+. The craft action involves participants knitting an armband enumerating the fire victims from the Triangle Waist factory that catalyzed an international labor movement exactly 100 years ago this March. The project connects the factory fires to the ones that have taken place in Bangladesh, where workers are making consumer apparel for Walmart, JCPenny and H&M. The overall goal of the project is to have a maker-class who may consider themselves DIYers, on-line merchants or craft hobbyists in the context of a larger economy and labor movement. So we hope for 146 or more participants to stand in solidarity with Workers United (workers in hospitality, food service, gaming, apparel, etc.). Volunteering to knit a simple numbered armband would contribute to the action even if you cannot make it to the factory site on March 25th, 2011 on the centennial.  

Here is the link to the project for more information; we hope some of you can participate! Please forward widely:
i signed up for a number, please consider doing so as well (and thanks!!!)
pic: from the microrevolt website

i just read an article on the triangle waist factory fire in the ny times. i wrote about it here

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