Friday, March 28, 2008

i am learning to spin on a drop spindle

i stink (so far). it's quite a challange. it took me two weeks just to be able to start drafting. i don't have the consistency part down pat yet (well in all honesty i am nowhere near having it down pat). my singles are still all thick and thin and wound too tightly and not tight enough. i AM getting the hang of it though. i actually AM getting a tiny bit better. with a TON of practice i KNOW i'll be able to get a decent yarn. we also learned how to card with hand carders. i've yet to practice that though (after the class i mean). i am taking a three part class and i have one more to go (in a couple of weeks - so i'll have plenty of time to keep trying),

the purple is a single i spun out of wool roving. it's a mess but i LOVE the color. the yarn on the right is my first try at plying. it's the purple single and a single i did out of multi colored (blues and greens and purples and greys) silk (the silk was a BITCH to spin). i like the colors.

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