Sunday, March 23, 2008


the wapo had it's second annual peeps show

here are a couple examples of the dioramas

Peep Art
Finalist: "The name is a pun, and the concept itself is the pun," explains Ilana Greenstein, 31, of Alexandria, an operations officer for the CIA who made the diorama with Jane Dokko, 30, of Washington. Their creation exudes the austerity of a museum, but within the mounted frames it's colorful chaos. And let's not forget: Admiring the exhibit are Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick themselves. Read More About This Entry
Julia Ewan - The Washington Post

Amy Winepeep's 'Rehab'
Semifinalist: Karen Besser, 58, of Arlington and daughter Nina Besser, 23, of Fairfax tackle Amy Winehouse's famous song and its real-life connotations. "Our toughest decision was whether she was Amy Peephouse, Amy Winepeep or Peepy Winehouse," says Karen. "The toughest technical aspect was getting the tattoos to adhere to her pipe-cleaner arms."
Courtesy Diorama Creator

The Wonderful Wizard of Peeps
Semifinalist: "The whole project took me about two days," says justice advocate Kate Braggs, 23, of Washington. "The yellow brick road alone took hours to cut and lay." The background and scenery, including the poppies and the road, are made of paper.
Courtesy Diorama Creator

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