Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tree sweater!

way cool knitting!

arts and crafts cooperative
Several of us in our art group started a tree sweater in Yellow Springs Ohio. We have the story and slide show about it on our Jafagirlart Website. Some people don't get it, some people don't like it, some worry it will hurt the tree, some think knitting should be put to a better use,some people wonder why! It is not a new concept, been done quite a few times, but what makes ours a little different is that is really has become a fun community project. People have come and added their own knitting, added jokes and poems for the pockets, donated knitting. Whatever some may think the bottom line is that people are laughing and enjoying it, touching it, exploring it, finding out about the tree (a bradley pear). Now that isn't a bad thing eh!

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