Thursday, July 31, 2008

yarn of the YEAR

i came across this yarn while looking at this month's knitty patterns (knitty is one of THE best sites out there if you're a knitter. if you've not checked it out, you should do so IMMEDIATELY). it was for a pattern called sea tangles. i HAVE to get some of that yarn. it's habu textiles silk stainless steel. yes, it's REALLY stainless steel AND silk. ANDDDDDDDDDDDD it's LACEWEIGHT
from the habu textiles site:
...Originally used as an industrial yarn to create oil filters, now they are available as weavers', knitters' and artists' yarn! The core is stainless steel and silk is wrapped around the core. Because of the stainless steel, there is a memory in the yarn. You can create something. Twist it around! It will stay in that shape unless you straighten it out. .........

sea tangles image: Pattern & images © 2008 Kie Zuraw. Contact Kie. , Sherry Skipper, Bryan Zuraw, and Kie Zuraw
yarn images: from the habu web site

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