Thursday, May 7, 2009

i want one!!!

very badly as it turns out. only problem is YOU HAVE TO BUILD IT. although, i guess i'm up to learning a few new tricks!

(ht: boing boing
the peggy 2 light emitting pegboard kit

from evil mad science


Peggy 2 is an updated version of our "Peggy" light-emitting pegboard display. Version 2 adds simple animation capability and Arduino compatibility. Like its predecessor, Peggy 2 provides a quick, easy, powerful and efficient way to drive a lot of LEDs-- up to 625-- in a big matrix covering almost a square foot of area. You can make an LED sign for your window, a geeky valentine for your sweetie, one bad-ass birthday card, freak the holy bejesus out of Boston, or instigate the next generation of low-pixel-count video games. Your call. It's a versatile, high-brightness display. How you configure it and what you do with it is up to you.

The display can run off batteries (3 'D' cells) or an optional ac adapter, and is designed to drive as many LEDs as you care to solder into the holes. The board can accommodate LEDs in any color and in several of the most common sizes, including 3mm, 5 mm (standard T-1 3/4 size), and 10 mm................

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