Thursday, May 14, 2009

a pin i made

using grungeboard by tim holtz and his crackle paint

i shrunk down some pictures of a grrrly skull and glued them (on the back) over the eyes so the skulls showed through on the front. i did this AFTER the crackle paint. after the crackle paint was dry, i used a bit of distress ink and i glued on some tiny rose buds i picked up somewhere (i think they were actually stickers). i then glued a piece of paper over the back just so the eyes wouldn't get poked out. i coated the whole front (then the back too) in diamond glaze. the last step was gluing on a pin back

i was inspired by margot potter the impatient crafter (i have posted the video below before, but it's so cool, why not post it again???)

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