Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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I don’t usually discuss politically minded things here. I have another blog where I rant freely and without filters, this is my craft blog and focuses on my craft career. Occasionally though, real life and my craft career intersect and today was one of those days. Several years back I found out about a group of refugee women in Denver who were assimilating into our culture and crafting as a way of making some pin money. Something about my first book struck a chord with them, perhaps it was the happy colors or the big pictures...I can’t say. I sent them some books and supplies and continued to follow their progress.

They began as The Bead Women of Denver and eventually they expanded from jewelry making into a variety of crafty endeavors. One woman in the group, Haiffaa Ali, was an exceptional talent and spokesperson. She had escaped Iraq, leaving absolutely everything behind to be faced with the squalor of a refugee camp. Eventually she and her family made their way to America. Recently Haiffaa returned to Iraq while staying in Jordan on vacation. She needed closure on her father’s death, a murder unrelated to the war, and she took a risk that proved deadly. While booking her return trip she was killed in a bombing.....................

pic from a little something
Haiffaa Ali, Denver, Colorado

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