Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my lunch for today

recipes inspired by just bento

back row left to right; orange rice under red peppers and mushrooms, vegan yogurt with blueberries, tabbouleh, front: orange tomatoes and sprouts under turnip cakes.

i was just fooling around after being inspired by the just bento site linked above. i took 1 c of brown rice and cooked it with 1 c carrot juice and 1 c water for about 15 minutes. i then put in 1 c of white (sushi) rice another c of carrot juice and another c of water. i tossed in 2 vegan bouillon cubes too. i boiled on LOW (very low) stirring frequently for about 10 minutes. i put a lid on the pot, turned the heat off and let it steam for 45 more minutes. after that you can take the cover off and fluff. it really does come out well this way.

for the peppers and mushrooms, i took a bunch of red peppers and chopped roughly and added the mushrooms, sea salt and pepper. i put in a microwave safe bowl and added 1 T olive oil (sesame would be nice but i didn't have any) and 1T maple syrup. i nuked for 5 minutes and then stirred and nuked again for 5 and stirred then nuked one more time for 5 minutes (all the while the bowl was covered with a paper towel to prevent splattering).

the tabbouleh was store bought

for the turnip cakes i boiled peeled turnips. when done i mashed with a bit of earth balance and sea salt and pepper and a bit of cumin (use whatever spices YOU want). i mixed in a few T of rice flower and some leftover steamed spinach i had. i then pan fried in a TINY bit of oil in a non stick skillet

again, many of this was inspired by just bento

sorry for the sloppy photo. oh, this was all packed in my mr bento of course.  

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